Double the success…

Great read on life’s success and failure. Read it, it’ll get you thinking 😉

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The Resilient One

Oops-77709“For you must have double the failures to have double the success”

Just a few hours ago, someone said this in a speech to group of retired educators, their families and friends, at a function in their honour. He could not have known the MANY mistakes that I made in attempting to organize this function and the tears and frustration that accompanied it.

It’s hard to appreciate these sentiments when you are 1. a perfectionist, and 2. someone who likes control.

We humans, are our worst critic. I chuckle at the thought, because I know it to be true. I don’t think that anyone berates us as hard as we do when we make mistakes. Perhaps its imagining the criticism that makes us so hard on ourselves, as we imagine others taking our mistakes apart and wondering “How could he/she make such an error?”.

But there is that word: error or…

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