How to beat your fears and try new things

Something about fear. Great article my friend.

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The power of fear

Last year, I wanted to go to a guided meditation in a Buddhism center in my hometown. Since I can be shy and I didn’t know anybody there, it made me uncomfortable. For over a week, I tried to convince myself to go: a teacher would help immensely and I’d be surrounded with interesting people.

The day before, I was motivated and excited. An hour before it started I got ready, but here’s what happened: I couldn’t go. I stared at the door for a long time but didn’t move an inch. I was simply too afraid. My family saw me getting ready for something and then staring at the door for a couple of minutes, and they asked what was going on. ‘Nothing’ I said, feeling shameful at my weakness, and I got back to my room.

I knew intellectually that my fear was stupid…

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