How to know what to improve in your life

Feeling stuck in life? Perhaps you need to figure out what’s wrong with your current lifestyle. This quick test may help you do just that! Try it out and see the change in your life.

Kudos to Bongre for sharing this with us 😉

Your friend,


Did you know that most people (probably including you) are bad at estimating how happy something will make them? ¹ This startling discovery, made by Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert, means that you’re probably focusing on the wrong things, and spending lots of efforts on things that won’t make you happier.

One of my core beliefs is that we can make our lives better and happier, by taking actions to improve the different parts of our lives (such as friendships or health) ². As I worked on that, I had two questions at the back of my mind bothering me:

  • How did I know if I’m working on the right thing?
  • How did I know if I’m making progress?

I feared that I was wasting my time and doing The Wrong Thing. To answer these questions, I made a Life test, where I evaluate how satisfied I am with…

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