There’s always a good excuse to not…

There’s always a good excuse to not work.
There’s always a good excuse to not stop chain smoking or turn off that YouTube tab in your browser and start working on your project assignment instead of just letting your mates do most of the work for you.

You lazy jackass.

Lol so yes, it is true- There’s always a good excuse to not do anything.

When you’ve somehow gotten yourself an excuse, you tend to lean towards it, be motivated by it and then, likely just follow through and thus, not do anything.

An interesting fact:
You are often able to find an excuse to NOT do something. Odds are, the chances of it is almost near 100%. Fascinating, isn’t it?

But think about it now

What if you start finding an excuse TO DO something?

Apply this mindset into your life. Think about the possibilities.

What if you are supposed to be working right now but you are not doing that and instead, you are sitting at your desk, fiddling around your mobile phone. You are skiving off work because you found an excuse to. Maybe your boss reprimanded you for something you didn’t do- Boss yelled at me for something I didn’t do, I’m not going to work hard for this company anymore because there is no reason to…

You stop working hard, people start noticing it and forms a bad impression of you. Your situation may get worse and you might even end up losing your job. Remember the Butterfly Effect? (I’ll talk more about it in the future. I talked about it vaguely in our “About” Page)

What if you do things the other way around? In this case- Find an excuse to work?
Okay, boss yelled at me for something I didn’t do. I’m going to make sure I work things out with him or her before carrying on my duties because it will not only help improve our relationship as colleagues but also, allow optimal functioning in the working environment…

Sensed the difference?

How did the change make you feel? What did it inspire you to lean towards?

By altering just ONE small part of your perspective, you’d start looking at life in a whole new light. You’d be exposing yourself to a whole new world. A new world of possibilities.

Just recently, something happened to me, a little story which can be used here.

So I brought a sandwich to work. When I was out of the building and in the open at a table, ready to munch on my sandwich? I realized that I have to go back indoors to retrieve something so I was contemplating on bringing my sandwich with me or leave it in the open on the table.

Bringing it with me means I will have to wrap it all up and then undo it again later when I get back, settling everything down again. So I chose the latter option, thinking that “Oh I’ll be back in a few minutes, NO ONE is gonna take it anyway”. I was feeling lazy that day.

Guess what? I left it there, went back in, got my stuff and when I got back out, I kid you not…

A BIRD was beak-ing my sandwich! Damn it. I was wary of humans but I forgot about the birds LOL!

So moral of the story?

Excuses used wrongly can affect A LOT of things. It can even cost you a meal… Or a job, or relationship and etc.

Can you remember such a moment when you chose to give yourself an excuse to not do something and things went out of hand? Feel free to share in the comments section 😉

I will talk to you again soon champs, thanks for reading!

Your friend,

P.S. If you are an Excuse Expert? Try putting your skills on the other side of the spectrum and start making excuses to work. See how things workout for you 😉

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[Photo credit goes to Robert Batina]

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