The Project BIY Podcast

Alright friends and champs, hope you’ve been good. Here’s an update on what’s been going on lately.

Aside from being real busy in my job, I’ve been working on this project as well and I’m happy to announce that a new podcast series, specially made for Project BIY, is currently being produced. 

Still got some stuff to work on like the Cover image for the series as well as finalizing the structure, format and direction for the show etc but the first episode will be live here soon and assuming that everything goes smoothly, I’m looking to get it up onto iTunes as well so Apple users rejoice 😉

Before it all gets done though, should you want to check out my previous podcast series on iTunes from my first website, check out The Double Your Presence Podcast (Click here!)

Pretty excited about it. Hope you are too! Looking forward to updating y’all again so till then, have a good one! 

Talk to you again champs. 

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