Forgiveness means…

I will admit it, I still have things that I can’t seem to let go in my heart from years ago and still am learning to.

I believe we all do. There’s a reason why this community exists. You are not alone my friend. Together, we can learn to forgive and move on.

“Carry on my wayward son; There’ll be peace when you are done”

– Lyrics from ‘Carry on my wayward son’ by Kansas.

I heart Kansas. This song is like Bohemian Rhapsody (Epic song by Queen). When it starts, you sing along to it- even the guitar parts.

‘Like’ this post if you sang that segment in your head earlier too 😉

Your friend,


Photo credit goes to Cristina Gonzalez.

Listen to the song here:

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness means…

  1. Hiya…I was so curious as to whether I’d ever heard this song by Kansas, I actually went to You Tube, and listened to it. And yes, I have heard it. Today may have been the first day really listening to the message however. Thanks for encouraging me to do so!

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