Live to the point of Tears

In my opinion, this quote means 2 things. Live to the point of tears- tears of despair and tears of happiness. That is how one would experience fully what life has to offer.

I, for one, got to experience both ends of the spectrum and honestly, when I started to think back earlier? I felt a hint of sadness and also, a form of happiness. Sadness deriving from my losses (mainly relationships); And happiness… Nay- Excitement, for what I’ve accomplished so far and of course, what’s yet to come.

Living one’s life to the fullest isn’t easy. There will be ups and downs but just because you may face heartbreaks and losses, does that mean that life is just all  or mostly negative? It really depends.

For example, losing a person in your life whom you love can be devastating. The blow can even destroy one’s life if it isn’t handled with care. Ultimately, it’s you-who chooses whether to adapt and move on with life or cling onto the past which is likely now, just a distant memory.

I started listening to Green Day’s playlist on my phone awhile ago and when “Whatsername” (Click for song on YouTube) was playing, I finally understood what the song was all about and how Billie Joe was feeling when he wrote and sang the song.

My rough interpretation:

It’s about this guy who thought he ran into “her” on the street but it turned out to be a dream. Then, the guy tries to recall what “her” name is. 

He remembers her face but can’t recall her name. Now he wonders how Whatsername has been. He starts remembering the times they spent together and regrets started pouring into his mind but he knows they are useless.

The song ended with “I’ll never turn back time, forgetting you but not the time” I believe, is his way of saying that he will cherish the time they’ve spent together forever even though she isn’t with him anymore.

That is how I interpreted the song and how my heartaches (or feel) everytime I listen to it.

Which then led me thinking about “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)“. I won’t deny it, I cried a little then because I never felt so understood.

Funny thing is, when I fell in love with these songs the first time, I didn’t fully comprehend the meaning. I mean, I knew what he was singing about but I’ve never experienced it firsthand. It wasn’t until I did, that I got an even deeper appreciation for Green Day.

In the end, for most of us who are fortunate enough- It’s up to us to choose how we want to live our lives because we actually do have the resources we need to make our ideal lives a reality! We just get blinded by every distractions in our environment.

Right now, I don’t know what kind of issues you’re facing. It might be something small or perhaps even Armageddon huge- whatever it is, know this:

If you are facing something in life? It’s good because You are living it (life).

Do what Camus said. Live to the point of tears.

If you hit the despair end? Don’t give up yet. Happiness is waiting for you at the other end. Remember, if one knows despair, one would know happiness and vice versa.

Regardless, you don’t have to face these life issues alone. If you ever need help, ask. Your friends and family is likely more than happy to assist. Remember, loneliness and isolation is all in the mind. You’re only truly alone if you believe you are and CHOOSE not to do anything about it.

If all else fails? Feel free to email me via

I will do my best to help.

If you ever feel like listening to someone giving some positive talk? Feel free to check out our podcast on iTunes too. It’s a bi-weekly series that’s recently started and I sincerely feel that it can become something awesome like this community that I’m trying to create with everyone’s support so feel free to check it out and see if it helps. Should you enjoy it, do rate the show to let us know!

Alright, that’ll be all for today. I hope you are having a beautiful day and talk to you again soon. Cheers!

Your friend,


7 thoughts on “Live to the point of Tears

  1. it’s is impossible to live life at either end of this spectrum for a continual period of time. by it’s nature, happiness is a contrast meaning we have to feel the sad tears to appreciate the happy tears. I agree we also have to remember that just because we’re experiencing the sad tears that that moment will past. however the moment spent crying tears of joy will also pass. We’ll adapt to living life in the middle and will grow bored, so I agree we should live life to the point of tears. sorry if my comment doesn’t make sense. I just like to write what it made me think of and not edit it as I go, but great post

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    1. And I thank you for that sincere respond.

      Tis’ true, one wouldn’t know sadness without knowing happiness and vice versa. That is when we gotta remind ourselves to appreciate what we have and what we’ve lost whenever we are down because of some reason.

      When joy is here, embrace it. When despair hits, take the blow, endure and grow from it so that one day, we can rise above it once more to experience the pleasantries that life has to offer us.

      Cheers for the comment bud, you got me thinking even more here and likely, anyone who’s gonna be reading our comments and I truly appreciate that 😉

      Your pal,

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