Updated Look!

Alright, so I’ve changed the theme and look of the site! What do you think?

Does it look better and easier to read on your mobile devices?

Got any comments/feedbacks? Do leave them in the comments section cause I’d love to hear what you guys think! (Even if you’re new here and have never seen the old look!)


Your pal,
Benjamin Ngiam


2 thoughts on “Updated Look!

    1. Awesome thanks for the feedback!

      Well, for myself, I wish to create a community where everyone can share their experiences, thoughts, opinions and etc so I created Community FB Page just for that.

      It’s on this site so that anyone who wishes to get involved and share their thoughts etc can get started immediately just by clicking like and go to the page itself and start sharing posts or commenting in everyone else’s posts!

      You can write or post about anything there- Be it you saw a hippo on the street terrorizing the crowd with it’s slow jiggling of it’s belly while you’re heading to work/classes (Take a pic and post it onto the FB community page!) or;

      You read something on your FB feed from your friends and you feel it necessary to share with everyone, share it to our FB Community page too! But of course, we are mainly looking for things which can help brighten everybody’s day and life!

      At least that’s what mine is for. Hope that answers your question Vincent 😉

      Your pal,


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