Aimless Amy

Read this and tell me you’re not amazed by the way it’s crafted!


“In your hate-I have found God.

In your sin-I have found Love.

In your faith-I have found forgiveness.

                                                –In this Moment.

Aimless Amy is aimless. She is aimless in love, she is aimless in school, she is aimless in life. Her family doesn’t understand, her friends don’t care. She is just simply aimless. Today Amy was heading for school. Then she got distracted. Aimless Amy takes another path. Oh well, she’s aimless anyway. She ran into a cute boy. He took her out to lunch. Amy decides to go with him. Why not? He talks pretty to her and she falls in love. Oh, Amy. He takes her back to his place. Nice aim, Amy! The cute guy tries to seduce…

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