‘Guess the Scene’ Game

Building Confidence with a Game

One way to help you build your confidence, is to help you understand that practice makes perfect. When you are so good at something, you will be more willing to attempt and make something happen.
This means, if you repeatedly do something, you will be better at it.
What better ways are there than to help you build confidence while having fun at it?

Written By Benjamin Ngiam

One of the things that I like to do to help build my self confidence in the past, is to actually engage myself with a bunch of people or a group of friends and get them to interact with each other as we play a game. In this case, this is called the “Guess the Scene Game”.

Games like these are effective in not just helping you learn to be in ease around company and learn how to manage groups but also, it helps create some good and fun tension because it keeps your audience guessing!
Anticipation is your best friend in building social tension and as I’ve said, its fun and things can get pretty hilarious😉
This game can be more enjoyable in groups as everyone starts throwing in their input to try and guess the scene right.

You, as the Game Master, will give the scenario.

Participants/ Players can only ask “Yes” or “No” Question for hint support. You will have to do your best to assist them to find the right scene.

For example,

You: [After explaining the rules of the game and giving the scene] Okay, so the scene has been set. Please start guessing.

Player: Were they murdered?
You:    Nope

Player: Is anyone else in the scene?
You:    Yes

Player: Did the person died of hunger?
You:    Doesn’t matter. (If it really does not matter)

If they just can’t seem to get the scene right, then you can ask if they would like to give up. If they do, you can tell them the scene that you had in mind.

This would usually end with a roar of laughter as the scene is just so ridiculous. Here are a few examples of the scenes:

Scenario 1:

Romeo and Juliet are found dead along with some broken glass and water.
What happened before this?


Romeo & Juliet are goldfishes. Their owner accidentally tripped and fell, thus, broke the fish bowl which contained them and in the end, killed them.

Scenario 2:

This scene is set in the dessert. There is a Hot Air Balloon in the air. about 10 feet away from the Balloon, there are clothing laying around and about 5 feet away, lies a naked body of a man (Dead or not, doesn’t matter) who is clenching onto a straw really tightly.

What happened?


There were originally 2 men on the Ride. They are far from civilization and their balloon is losing the heat emission required to keep them on air.
They decided to take off their clothes to unload the weight for the balloon but it did not work.

The ride was still sinking lower to the ground.
Something has to be done before they hit the ground otherwise, they might not have enough power to get the balloon up in the air anymore.

Hence, they came to the conclusion that only one man can survive their current situation in this dessert because in order for the ride to continue its flight, someone has to jump off it.
The question now is, how are they going to decide who would be the one to sacrifice himself for the other?
Both men want to live yet, they are determined to ensure that they both get a fair “Trial” in this.

So, they decided that they shall let a piece of straw that they found in the ride to decide their fate. They split it in half, ensuring that one is longer than the other and one of them clenched it tight in his palm. Whoever draws the shorter straw shall jump off the ride without any retaliation.

That, explains the body and the straw in his hand. The man who got the shorter straw was screaming “WHY ME?!?!” as he plunged down to the dessert…

Lol! Like I’ve said. Ridiculous.

Anyway, keep in mind. Though this is a game which is for the purpose of everyone having fun, you should try to be conscious on how you are handling the flow of the game and also the flow of the participation of your friends.
Make sure you are pacing the game right, don’t rush anyone. Ensure that everyone is participating so that everybody is having a good time and nobody feels left out.

All in all, I hope you have learned something interesting today and I hope this has been a fun article for you to read and useful for you to try out with your friends and have tons of laughter.

If you’ve tried this and things actually turned out extremely hilariously that you want to share your experiences with us, please by all means, just post it on the comments!
If you have your own scene that you believe is fun to play with and you want to share with us, do write and post them in too!
After all, it would be nice to share the laughs no?

Talk to you again soon!

Enjoyed the article?
Hope you found it useful and use it to fulfill your life mission!
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[Image featured today in this article is by Bo Insogna, The Lightning Man]

13 thoughts on “‘Guess the Scene’ Game

    1. Haha indeed! Do try it out and maybe even come up with your own and share with everyone 😉

      There’s another one that my friends and I came up with.

      The scene is:
      A man pushes a car. When he reaches a hotel, he know that he is now bankrupt… What happened?

      Ready for the answer?

      The answer:
      The man is playing Monopoly (The boardgame lol) and he rolled the dice, pushed his piece (The car) and just landed on a Hotel owned by an opponent and became “Bankrupt” and lost the game hahah!

      This one will definitely generate lots of laughs too so enjoy 😉

      Your pal,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the reblog Aki! This means a lot to me 😀

        I’d give you lots of puppy hugs but alas, I’m not a puppy 😦

        Still, I’d hug you if I can haha! Appreciate the share bud!

        Cheers 😉

        Your pal,

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Word games are always fun like Riddles and Quizzes 😉
      Quoting you here:
      The king can move only one step but if it will move it’ll be defeated!
      Is that a question for us to “Guess the scene”? Just wanna be sure cause if it is, game on!

      Your pal,

      Liked by 1 person

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