Badge Of Honor Contest

Hello friends and fellow bloggers!

If you received a notification saying that you are linked? Or if you got invited here via a link? Please read this post fully because this symbolizes a special invitation (One that only you will receive!) for this event.

This is an invitation to participate in the event of the creation of a Badge for PBIY Members (Current and potential members!) Please, do read on!

Purpose of the Badge

The PBIY Badge of Honorexists to Encourage Positivity, Inspiring living in aspect of not just Mental Health but also, Positive Mindset, Attitude, Lifestyle and Outlook towards life through the use of actions such as writing, sharing of ideas and even the act of helping one in need.

It is a Symbol that tells everyone that you are a positive member of the world and you seek to make a change with that Positive Attitude of YOURS.

Hence, I want to create a badge that is to be worthy of our members to pin onto their sites with pride. Not only do we want our mission to be seen, we want it to be felt and inspire!

As you know, we here at PBIY aim to create a world (Or at least, a community) of positivity-

A place where genuine and nice people can gather to share our life experiences, opinions and everything else under the sun with each other and make a positive difference in each others’ lives.

But before any of that can become a reality? I seriously need the support of my friends. That means YOU!

We’ve crossed paths before and you’ve followed me (That’s how I got your link!) because you believed in what I believe in and wish to make a community like this happen too.

Hence, I went to my “Followers” list and I linked every single one of you who’re following me (Yes. Every. Single. One.You guys are going to be the pioneers of this movement) to make this community, nay, this world of positivity a reality. Still can’t believe I spent HOURS Tagging and linking everyone lol! Seriously, it ain’t easy and I’m proud of myself for this feat! See the list below and you’ll know what I mean. I gotta manually key them in!

[Note: As much as I’m writing to my followers, if you aren’t a follower yet and are excited for this Project/ Contest as well? Please feel free to get involved! The more the merrier!]

What is happening:

  • I want to create Badges for our community members to pin onto their sites & blogs. This is to help spread the word of the creation of our positive community and it’s message 😀
  • I will adjust the period/length of this contest based on the responses I get from you guys. Hopefully it’s gonna be good! Remember, we are all friends and family here!
    Heck- I’d fire puppies to hug each and everyone of you with a NERF gun if I could 😀

How To Participate:

  1. Create a design & it share with the community
    – Email to with “PBIY BOH Contest” as Subject / Title
  2. Vote and provide your feedbacks to the submitted designs!
  3. Suggestions on how to make this contest function better are welcome too!

What will happen (Timeline- TBA)

  1. Design submissions
    – You will be credited! Oh, there are prizes to be won too! Read on to find out more:-D
  2. Voting Period Commence
  3. Result Day!

If you use FaceBook? Do like our PBIY Community FB page to follow us for easy updates! I’m thinking of using Instagram as well, what do you guys think?


4 Design Criteria for the Badge of Honor

  1. Positive feel and look (Obviously😉 )
  2. Badge should exhibit our Mission in Creating A Positive World!
  3. Badge must contain a column to indicate the year when the member joined the movement
    (Or should we use the year to indicate when this movement started? Any thoughts?)

And that’s its! Design away!

Rewards – TBA

How can it be called a contest if there are no prizes to be given out?

However, I need you guys’ help here. What do you think should be the reward for our voters and designers? I can use prize money as reward but if I’m gonna do that, might as well hire and pay for a designer right? I’d prefer to get this badge made with the help of the community because IT IS OUR Badge after all!

Hence I created this post. Should the community prefer monetary reward though, do voice out- I’m all ears so please give me your opinion!

Criteria to Own the Badge – TBA

Needless to say, you as the pioneers, will get our awesome badge on your site for sure.

I do have an idea on what future members can do to earn this badge but I will only make this known once the design is done. Besides, we can always discuss ways to earn it in future too so for now, let’s focus on the design!

To Before I go…

Please leave me some feedbacks in the comments section to let me know what you guys think of this Badge of Honor Contest- A Badge for PBIY Community Idea? Good or bad I’d love to hear em all!

Hope to hear from you guys! As I’ve said, it took me awhile to finish compiling this list of invites (At least 6 HOURS!) so its like 3am here soon and like my MacBook (5% battery left How convenient) we’re both in need of a recharge so I’mma head over to my charging dock now lol.

Talk to you guys again soon and have a good day/night Champs!

Your pal,

[Today’s featured image is by Ian Southwell.]

Specially Invited Bloggers

Below are a list of bloggers that I have currently following this project (Like I’ve said, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.)
Please feel free to reblog this and link your other blogger friends to join our cause! Thanks for following btw, knowing that there are people who cares about this project’s mission means the world to me 🙂

List of Specially invited bloggers (In no Particular order):

Loren (littlemissmishap) –

Arv (Jaipur thru my lens) !! –

Pranavya –

Karuchan90 –

Karen Solt –

K (free2bme27) –

Whirly Squirrel –

Pop Cultural Studies –

James L (The Manifesto of Perfection) –

Aki (The Learnify) –

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out –

C (happymeerkatreviews) –

Musings Of A Whimsical Soul –

Bhaili – Your Friend –

Vincent Carlos –

Bella (ThoughtsnLifeBlog) –

twinmum1 –

Mithai –

Anjali Soni –

Jhaneel – Jhaneel Lockhart

Mithai Mumblezz – Mithai Mumblezz

AkshayOffical – Finding Inner Beauty 😉

KT – ktwritings

Sanya Monga – theexultantpheonix

Sandy Ravage Jr (Critical Dispatches) –

Sparklingthoughts –

Lindsay –

Autumnchocolatebooks –

LadyFashion93 (Bathing Suits) –

Carina Spring –

mobilni telefoni –

Natalie (The Girl in the Little Black Dress) –

Jo (Jo’s Shelf Life) –

Olive Ole –

Vinita (Mysteryvita) –

Ivy Iris Stevens (Finding A reason for Being)-

Giulia (TheHighHeeledPaperGirl) –

Chanty –

afemmefetale –

FofoFl’or –

Ranjita –

Les FOOD Amants® –

Ben Redgell –

Robert C. Day (Levishedated) –

Ryan Castillo –

Le Panda Baby –

Jay Colby –

Kind & Bold –

Emma (Emma’s Guide to the Galaxy) –

Cross All Boundaries –

UndulyUnruly –

Thoughts of a Socially Anxious Extrovert –

Amy (Amy111rose) –

Clusters of Inspiration –

everything but sugar –

Bongre –


Sparky Jen “No Beating Around the Bush Allowed!” –

Eddy Gardiner (LIGHTS OVERHEAD) –

Summer (xingsings) –

Fictional Fox –

Dharma in Heels –

But Why? –

Seeking God in every detail… –

Simply Me 😉 –

The Resilient One –

Discover –

Longreads Blog –

The Daily Post – News –

15 thoughts on “Badge Of Honor Contest

  1. Hi Buddy,

    Glad to find me on the list, I am pretty excited!
    I feel it is good to use the year to indicate when this movement started, than member joining, as movement should be prior to portray its purpose and significance.
    Just an opinion!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oH!!! happy to be in this list 🙂
    I don’t know what you feel about blogging awards but I want to nominate you for blogger-recognition-award It’s a form of online awards given by one blogger to another.
    Here is the link
    Read the rules in this post and there is no time limit to respond to this award:)
    You may also use the image that I have designed for this award..:)
    I hope you will accept it:)
    Thank you
    Aki 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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