Writing Wednesday: Traditional or Self-Publishing?

For all you up and coming writers, this may be of use to you 😉
Thanks for sharing Lindsay!

Traditional or self publishingSo you’ve got a book idea or even a manuscript, but you are unsure how you should publish your masterpiece. There’s lots of sites and blog posts that outline the pros and cons of self and traditional publishing. The amount of information can send you into a tailspin (I know). I’ve found this simplified chart on Pinterest by thewritelife.com. I hope it will help you decide which route to take.


I’ve opted for self-publishing. Which publishing type do you prefer? Let me know by commenting below!


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5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Traditional or Self-Publishing?

  1. Well, I opted for self publishing too, but only as a test to see how easy it was (very). I think if I can tidy my novels up enough I might try with a ‘proper’ publisher. Probably with the second one first though – the first one I wrote was rather flimsy and throwaway (love triangle with a serial killer twist).

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