PBIY TV Episode 01: The Secret to Happiness

Hey Believers! Hope you’re soaring up to the sky in your life mission!

If not, it’s alright because today, it’s gonna be a damn good day! I got something lined up for you 😉

You see, recently, aside from some family matter, you’d probably noticed that I’ve not been active on the blog in the past week.

The reason behind that is because I’ve been working on this video series thats going to be called PBIY TV– A YouTube channel where I will make videos to share theories of researches that I’ve done, with the sole purpose of providing knowledge (And some entertainment!) to the awesome ppl of this community and hopefully, the world 😉

The very first episode of PBIY TV is up and it’s about The Secret to Happiness.

I can write A LOT about it here but I won’t because I spent literally DAYS slaving away without sleep (Got day job to commit to as well lol!) to get this up so grab some snacks and check it out as we discover the secret to happiness, together!

Talk to you in the video 😉

Your pal,

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Let’s build a world of positivity together!

P.S. If you want to collaborate on something? Or got suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment or email me via doubleyourpresence@gmail.com


21 thoughts on “PBIY TV Episode 01: The Secret to Happiness

  1. Hey!!! now i know why you were disappeared! this is so very worth it!!! You did an awesome job!!! I totally support your new idea! The video is so very entertaining, easy to watch and interesting!!! Happiness is a passionate topic.. and i love to know your perspective towards it!!! I just may be weird if i dont get tired of certain movies??? hahahahah!!! 💛 Lots of happiness to you!!!

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    1. Thanks for watching, leaving these feedbacks and LOL movies like which ones?
      If you don’t get sick of them, there’s definitely a reason behind it.

      Happiness IS a passionate topic indeed. After all, EVERYONE strives to be happy.
      My perspective towards is this:

      Know YOURSELF, Understand YOURSELF, Live for YOURSELF and then, Live for OTHERS.
      In other words, know what you want out of life, fulfill your own needs and development before others.

      There’s a reason why I chose to put YOURSELF before others in this statement (It’s hard to refrain from doing that sometimes IRL but we got to try and be selfish for a bit) and that is because there’s a high chance that we are living our lives for the sake of taking care of our love ones, ensuring we are all happily living everyday with a bright smile that shines as bright as the sun.

      But that will never happen if we don’t ensure our own mind and body is functioning right and
      ready to take care of anyone.

      If we want to take care of someone, we gotta ensure that we are capable of doing so.
      No point trying to take care of a baby if you are I’ll and not ready to even carry em.
      You’d just make things worst for everyone.

      Lots of smiles to you too bud!

      Your pal,


      1. Thanks for sharing!!!! I guess i could watch Disney movies or Jane Austen movies so so much.. and yes, there´s a reason behind i do know!!! These are movies that make me believe in goodness and happiness and with such thrilling stories (Disney) and movies where i can feel identified (Jane Austen ones) so i guess that´s why!! Also both obviously have so pretty scenes and soundtracks and everything!!!

        And i agree in what you say…sometimes i myself forget about it… i love being with people and helping them and focus a lot of them that i constantly have to be reminded to see myself first!!! This year i´ve been learning how important it is that!!! I realized i actually cant really offer something to others if im not first happy and good with myself… so yes, i know it is so very important!!!!! Thanks for reminding me about this!!!!! 💛 💛

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      2. Haha yeah I know what you mean about those!

        Anyway, not that I’m trying to bring you down or anything but just be careful.
        I do know people, who seem to be forever happy in front of others and though they try not to show it?

        They really got issues deep down and they choose not to share because they gave themselves the pressure to be the light in everyone’s life- thinking “I can’t let ppl know I got problems as well, they’ve got enough things to worry about already”.

        Being the light of the people comes with a huge responsibility. But just because you are a positive force in their life, it doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself, be nicer to yourself, nor let people help you when the need arises and let them see that you are human as well.

        Some may think it’s a “noble sacrifice”- which is actually just a mentality to let us feel better about ourselves- like we’re some sort of hero making a difference which I think, is just stupid because if you are helping others at the expense f yourself, you are killing yourself and are actually welcoming more suffering for your family because you’d perish sooner than you think.
        Kill that dumb hero in your head, take care of yourself and be the REAL HERO that you are supposed to be. One who functions optimally and can make MORE things happen for MORE people. Isn’t that why you’ve set out to do this in the first place? 😉

        I think like this now because THAT was my mindset in the past. I was that dumbass. Sad but true lol.

        Just take note of that. As mentioned, I was like this and that led to something bad which led me to learn this lesson hard. It’s good to be helping people but never forget about yourself because you got your own family to take care of as well.

        But your core installation of positive attitude must never die. I don’t know how it all sounds so far but I hope this comment of mine don’t dishearten your efforts and instead, reinforce your ideals to help others and especially, help you to take care of yourself even more so than before.

        Because that’s actually what I’m trying to achieve here lol. I’m actually kinda worried for you because you’re so happy all the time. I see a lot of old me in you- that’s probably why I’m worried.

        Your pal,


      3. Well you didnt bring me down at all so dont worry friend!!!! And i actually agree with all that you say! Fortunately, this is not my case.. im a very emotional person so im not the one who pretends everything is perfect when it isnt the case… im more the one who pours my heart and share it with others!!! Also… this year has been the hardest for me (probably i will post about it one day) and so i really have it clear i cant always be the light to others!!! Thank you for your advices and kind words 💛 Have a wonderful day amigo!!

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    1. Thanks Nina! Truly appreciate your energy and respond 🙂

      Do hope to make more awesome content for everyone! If you do get ideas or got something you feel beneficial to share, feel free to let me know as well 😉

      Have a nice day!

      Your pal,

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      1. I sure will! It’ll be really nice to contribute for such great project! I truly hope you’ll get to help and inspire a lot of people needing it. ☺

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      2. Sweet! Thanks so much for the support 🙂

        Trust me, just having you showing support like this is like Alfred supporting Batman behind the scenes. You are making a difference towards a mission’s success rate indirectly.

        I mean, let’s be honest here. Without Alfred, there will not be a Batman who is well-fed or well taken care of to even fight crime lol. Without Alfred to draw Batman a bath, Batman is just a man hehe.

        Cheers! 🙂

        Your pal,

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  2. Well! Well! Well! Great work Benjamin. You gave away loads of information in that video and you kept the video active throughout with perfect pictures and the background score. I wish you all the the best on this new effort towards your ProjectBIY.

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    1. Thanks VE! I worked real hard on it and now that I’ve finally gotten more free time?

      I’m gonna be producing the next episode soon. Hope to bring more value to everyone 🙂

      Should you have any feedbacks, ideas or any comments? Do feel free to share like what you just did here 😀

      Always open to hear some feedbacks- especially ones that can help improve the show for everyone!

      Seriously, appreciate it VE 🙂

      Your pal,


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