Castle Of Lies

Very nice article that’d get one thinking. Especially loved how you reframed everything into another perspective!

So many things are mentioned here on how so many things are changing and nobody is noticing it. But I’m just wondering now- is it really because we aren’t noticing it or did we actually noticed it and CHOSE to adapt to it and live with it because we can AND because we saw a certain benefits in it?

What benefits can be reaped off a modern society where so many issues are present? (such as the mentioned “ideal partner syndrome”)

Well, often when we see a bad side, we tend to amplify its effects. Psychologists call it the “impact bias”. Let’s look at the facts, we may have all these negatives happening around us but do we have positives as well?

Fortunately- Yes we do! Things like clean air, water, comfortable environment and maybe even more positive friends/ community! Internet is definitely a good benefit we got off the modern world!

Granted, not every single modern civilization has everything mentioned perfectly but we do get some good off them. We just tend to not see it sometimes because we get caught up by the negative and got blinded by it. Hence the term “always try to appreciate what you have”. When we do, that’s when we’d feel fortunate and cherish what we have and maybe even start sharing with others who lack of what we got. Awesome!

As we know by now, it’s a trade off. There’s always two sides to a coin, yin and yang, light and darkness.

But the best part about us humans is that we are real experts as survivors. We are built to adapt to our environment and surroundings- look at how there are so many ppl living in different types of climates and surviving! (North/ South Pole, Deserts, jungles, modern civilization etc)

Dreams are beautiful to have but indeed, in reality, it may “Burn” us if we can’t see our dreams fulfilled.
BUT, in my opinion, not all dreams are impossible to see come true. In fact, as long as you strive towards a dream, don’t give up on it, something will come off it. That’s where innovation and evolution of lifestyle comes in!

Do you think we’d have humans flying across planets or sailing across the seas if men didn’t dream? It all came from innovation and the daring mentality to dream and chase it!

A dream will not “Burn” you in reality until you choose to let it- Though most of us don’t realize this, we tend to blame the world and our surroundings for what we can’t accomplish. It’s just an excuse. Know why I said that? We have ppl working their asses off to get from the third world country into the first world because it’s the dream for them. A new world where their sufferings from their old world will end. Some don’t make it but guess what? Some did and do.

Think you have it hard? Think again. Don’t blame the world for your laziness or lack of motivation to pursue something that matters to you. Don’t give up on your dreams and give yourself the excuse that it’s because of him, her or them. That’s the easy way out and that’s why many ppl live dissatisfied lives- they know they are better than that but they were just lazy and now, they’ve lost their chance to make their dreams a reality or maybe even a partial reality (eg if you work towards $1 million? You may not end up getting it but you might still get $500k for striving towards your goal!)

As what a good friend of mine said “Work on your dreams and don’t stop chasing it. If you wait too long and fail to see it accomplished? Thats when this dream of yours will turn into a nightmare”.

That is when dreams start to burn in reality. I’m sure you’ve seen people living their dreams. It’s a beautiful thing, don’t you agree? Some may say oh it’s unfair because they got a head start or whatever.

Bullshit. The successful people who’ve achieved their dreams and living it are some of the hardest working ppl I’ve seen. Ppl just see the results but not the journey or process in their pursuit of happiness.

It’s not a easy process to get what you want- let alone living the life that you want! Hence the term “nothing worth getting is ever easy”.

Awesomely said, don’t you think?
Not that I’m saying that you’re wrong about what you’ve shared in your article (in fact, I loved the facts that you’ve shared! It brings new perspectives into ppls lives and that’s just awesome!) I’m just trying to share another perspective which I feel, people can benefit from as well 😉

Anywho, seriously, nice article and thank you for writing it!

Your pal,


Young and frustrated

Distraught with fear of ‘The Future’

Wanted to go back in time and unravel the true covers of life

Desperate to yell to the ones who made childhood a living, walking lie.

For making believe that one day we grow up to have horse carriages along with a prince charming aboard on his white horse, dresses and ornaments of gold, castle of happiness.

A Question running through her mind : Why?

Why did they not tell that horse carriages wasn’t preferred anymore, now days mostly an Aston Martin, or a dress of gold would be too hot and itchy to wear, to even buy an ornament one would require their savings of all the years of their life and yet not fulfill their desire.

Why didn’t they tell that happiness, once in the real world, comes from money?

Why didn’t they tell that not everyone’s got a prince…

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11 thoughts on “Castle Of Lies

  1. Dreaming is what keeps us alive i guess!!! At least´s what keeps me excited and going on.. what let my imagination fly but also what make me come back to earth and do something about it!!! Im glad you reminded us about the power of dreams! 💛

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    1. Indeed Carola, and I’m glad that I did bud!

      Imaginationland is a beautiful place to be in. It’s the place where your own prophecies and first made, where dreams are crafted before the process of actualizing happens and making the dream a reality. One of my favorite place to be in!

      But we all gotta be careful to not get trapped in the illusion of Imaginationland! I’m sure we all know by now, thinking about success and actually experiencing it are two different things. Don’t get confused, friends 😉

      Btw Carola, what’s your dream exactly, as of this moment?

      Your pal,

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      1. Yes it is!!!! and i think it´s so necessary to visit it often.. but i agree with you, we must be careful not to get lost inside and forget about the rest!!! 💛 My dream right now… i guess it is just loving the life i have today, learning to appreciate every encounter and every situation that comes my way without wishing next thing comes (im usually dreaming a lot about the future). Also one of my biggest dreams is to start one day a foundation where i could help lots of kids… which is yours? 💛

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      2. Hmm interesting. Not sure if you’ve met Tash but I think what she’s doing might actually interest you a little. In fact, you guys might be able to connect and maybe share some stories too lol.

        Her blog is over here:

        For myself, I want to take this project of mine to the world and if possible, enable myself to make a living traveling the world, motivating people and inspiring them into living a life of possibilities and positivity. To create a world of such magnitude is one of my dream- And I do intend to make it happen.

        That will, of course, require help from everyone hah! So I’m gonna take the first step of creating awesome content for everyone before going around meeting more people 🙂

        Anywho, don’t forget to check out Tash’s project. You might be able to collaborate or something in future!

        Your amigo,

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      3. Ooohh!!!! wow!!! i´ll follow her now!!! Thanks a lot for the recommendation, i would surely love to connect with her! 💛 And your dream… just want to let you know i´ll fully support you on that, i believe you will do great things!!! And i hope i´ll be here to follow your journey to your dream 💛 Keep doing what you do 🙂

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  2. Yes, I strongly agree with not blaming anyone for not working towards our dream, even your point that dreams can be achieved with self – belief, confidence, determination and hardwork but but what I’ve tried to say in the post that there is a intermediate phase – between when we we see the world as a rainbow and when we are chasing our dreams – i.e., the phase where our LaLa land burns into ashes where we realize there’s more to the world than we see where we are confused, torn-up, scared and are making life-changing decisions but once we overcome our self-doubt and make the final commitment towards our goal, that’s the point from where our Phoenix will start to rise from our ashes, it’ll be a slow process but as you said a coin has two sides and patience, preservance and dedication pays off in the end. 🙂
    And here I’m just justifying my post

    Once again a Big thank you. :’)

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    1. Naturally! It’s alway good to gain knowledge in the world- especially different perspectives in life.

      That’s when we get OPTIONS and actually get to choose which path we’d want for ourselves.

      In my opinion, if we want to be happy, we gotta strive to get options in our lives. People are the richest and happiest when they’ve got a ton of options to choose from instead of being limited to only one or two choices in life.

      Think about it, will you be living a happier and much more fulfilled life if you get to have only rice and chicken for meals everyday-

      Or will you be happier if you get to choose from rice, chicken, to fish, eggs, chocolate and maybe even the occasional ice cream?

      In general (If not everyone), the answer will be the latter being the one providing the most happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment in life. Why is this so?

      As Comedian Chris Rock said, “Wealth is not about having lots of money but having a lot of Options”.

      Most of us don’t know this but there’s a reason why lots of us humans strive to be “Rich”. Granted, there are lots of definition to that.
      We’ll look at the general term of it- Having lots of money.

      Why do people want lots of money? The answer is, Happiness.
      Money can be used to satisfy specific “Wants” and “Needs”- To buy things which will in turn, make them feel happy. These things and activities that costs money are precisely the OPTIONs that you’d get in life IF you got money.

      What Chris Rock said was extremely profound, don’t you think? It sure got me pondering for a bit when I first read that years ago and I still do from time to time these days lol!

      Thanks for the additional input Anvesha. It’s always good to see some new perspective and especially from someone who writes in such unique metaphors 😉

      Your pal,

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