Why my wedding will absolutely not be the best day ever.

The title caught my attention, and I’m Glad it did! Read this, it’s beautiful and WILL make You smile 😉

Celebrate Well

My wedding day was beautiful. It was full of love – the man I love, the people I love, the scenery I love, the food I love. It was a day of love.

It went off without a hitch and if I could do it exactly the same way, with exactly every single silly little detail, I would. In my eyes, it was perfect – but it was absolutely, without a doubt not the best day ever.

Thank. God.

In this warped world of blush and gold delicate details someone, somewhere decided that this one expensive party was the end-all-be-all of our happiness. Our peak of joy. Blame it on social media pressure to out do that one chick from high school you never really liked anyway or the chance to live like a celebrity for a few hours – regardless of why it started, it’s real and it’s there.

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5 thoughts on “Why my wedding will absolutely not be the best day ever.

  1. Great share – getting married in November and we both decided we didn’t want anything too fancy, was just going to do a registry office and then a party in the evening for our wider friends, but my future wifes parents wanted the reception. Despite getting most of it paid for we still decided to keep costs low. Thank god I met a sensible girl!

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    1. Lol so true!

      I’ve seen women making ridiculous demands for the ONE day. God, I can’t even begin to imagine what life is like for the couple and family where the man actually allowed and spent 50% – 80% of their savings on that single day, leaving only half or lesser for the rest of their lives together.

      Sure it’ll be a nice experience for the day but hey, we gotta look at the bigger picture here, no?

      A luxuriously nice experience for a day and risk higher chances of falling out due to financial issues for the rest of the days or a nice and perhaps, moderate experience for a day and have a mostly smooth and nice experience for the rest of the days without as much, if at all, financial troubles.

      I’d take the latter because it’s the smarter thing to do- And it gives us one less problem to fight lol.

      I mean, c’mon! Money destroys / breaks family apart :-O
      Seen it happen before quite a number of times so yeah, gonna avoid it if I can hah!

      Always good to learn from each others’ experiences, no? 😉

      Your pal,


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