How did you find WordPress?

Was just wondering how did you guys got into blogging here on WordPress in the first place?

My story on how I got here:
I got introduced to WordPress by my brother who’ve stopped blogging years ago because he was too busy with other stuff!

How about you? Care to share how you managed to hopped your way into this blogosphere? 😉

Btw, the research for Episode 2 of PBIY TV is going great! I’m just gonna compile a few more stuff which has been recently submitted in by you awesome peeps and we’ll be ready for phase 2- Recording!

If anyone still wishes to contribute, feel free to check out this link BEFORE the recording starts so that I can collate it all together!

Hope you guys are having an awesome day!
Your pal,

41 thoughts on “How did you find WordPress?

  1. I found wordpress when I was creepily researching my boyfriend to check what he did online and found his old account, I always wanted to do something similar so in the end, I did

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  2. Benjamin, I found WordPress many years ago when I wanted to start a blog. I had a site where I posted about three things but was never motivated to keep it going.

    Many years later I was working for a charity and they didn’t have much for me to do, so I decided to appoint myself as there ‘social media expert’ and created a wordpress blog for them. I would spend my day researching and putting together a weekly article for them.

    I got a bit bored with this as the charities was going in a direction that I did not endorse, but I was consistently thinking – What if I could spend this time writing about something I was interested in?

    So I quit and a few months later after deciding what I want to write about, I took the plunge and have been blogging a regular basis ever since.

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  3. I already followed a few blogs on wordpress, so when it came time to start my own for The Africa Project, I knew I’d use it too. I find it easy to use and navigate. Lots of options to make your page unique. Easy to share with your friends and community. 🙂

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      1. Haha the initially learning was super easy. (Though thankful to belong to to the technological born generation)
        Yes! Meeting lots of cool peeps has been awesome 🙂

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      2. Hey!
        Things are hectic! Absolutely so. The last few weeks have been mad! Way too much to write about here. Good days and some real downers.
        And this is my last week, so the normal Last minute rush to finish things, visit with everyone etc.
        how are you?

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      3. Oooh at least there are good eh? Here’s hoping you’d get everything settled before leaving!

        As hectic as things may get, do not forget what’s important. You are there for a reason 😉

        I’m awesome! Just finished up the second episode of the show lol! If you are interested and got time to, feel free to check it out over here!

        Whatever it is, stay safe bud 😉

        Your pal,

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      4. Ahh…. Some good. Some absolutely awful. Saying good bye to a mama and baby is awful 😦
        Last night tonight at work, headed to the city tomorrow, then on to the UK on Sunday.
        Will check out the episode while I’m in transit this weekend 🙂

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  4. I was familiar with WordPress before I started my blog . WordPress is actually a very popular site. I chose to use WordPress instead of Tumblr and Blogger because WP has more options as far as site design and I feel it has given me more chances to connect with people. If I wereto recommend a blog platform to anyone it would be WordPress.

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  5. Hi Benjamin! I found WordPress while reading a friend’s blog. Then I began to think about my passion for writing, combined with my hope (“ahmeli”) of making an impact toward creating positive change in the world – and poof – Ahmeli was born.

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      1. The journey is hopeful. New opportunities are beginning to pop up which is exciting. Perhaps there will soon be some news to share. As for now, my latest post has me on a mission to reach countries all around the globe through my blog. Know anyone living in countries throughout South America or Africa?

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    1. Hahaha glad that you are! It IS fun talking to everyone and just connecting, no?

      Just curious now, in your opinion, what’s the best take away for you on this whole experience of blogging?

      Your pal,


  6. I found wordpress because I wanted to practice my writing and be able to share my stories with people. I could’t to pay for anything though so I searched for free blog sites and came up. I gave it a try and I still love it!

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    1. Awesome! It’s amazing how things like this can help people connect and allow us to have such high while we’re socializing, no?

      And they say good stuff is never free. Tsk tsk. People. LOL!

      Btw when did you start blogging and what’s your biggest take off the experience so far? If you don’t mind sharing 😉

      Your pal,

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      1. I started blogging around the end of June! I really like it so far. I actually have tried blogging a couple times before but never kept up with it and this time I have which I’m so happy about☺️ what about you?

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      2. Oooh hope you keep that up 😉

        Personally, I’ve actually started blogging in 2014 I think, with another blog that’s about helping ppl with social issues which went quite well till I’ve started a hiatus because of my ex, who was then my girlfriend- She didn’t like me blogging lol.

        Long story short?
        So I restarted blogging but decided to start a new one with a new goal of creating a community of positive ppl.

        It’s fun so far meeting new ppl to join in the cause hah!

        Btw, I’m thinking of setting up a site badge for our community members to pin onto their blogs. What do you think of this idea??

        Your pal,

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  7. I found WordPress when someone made me an Administrator on a website that they built with WordPress. I liked working with WordPress better than some other tools I had experienced and decided to build a site for myself.

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      1. Fun is probably not the word to describe being an Admin. In some ways, it was satisfying knowing that I was managing the content on a website so that it was useful for others.

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  8. Hiya Benjamin,
    I’m presenting you with the Liebster Award – ta-daaa!
    I’ve chosen you for this prestigious award because you’ve interacted with my blog sometime in the last couple of hours – so you only have yourself to blame!😀
    The direct link to your nomination, and the questions I have written just for you is
    I hope you have fun with this.:)
    Kindness – Robert.

    Nice post by the way – a great idea. I found WP because I was looking for somewhere to put down my thoughts and stories and it just seemed like the easiest and most intuitive platform. I have a couple of other blogs elsewhere, but I never kept them up. 🙂

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    1. Lol thanks Robbie! I’ll do it up soon 😉
      Totally agree here, this is like one of he best platform ever to get people interacting with each other not only because it’s a place where lots of good people are- but also because everyone is so passionate about what they do here!

      I know what it’s like to handle more than 1 sites lol so totally understand why that happened XD

      But hey, you started focusing on Levishedated and look at how things turned out eh?

      If it works? Why stop right? XD keep doing it!
      Glad you found WP and chose it to work things out 😉

      Your pal,

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