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PBIY TV Epi 2 update #2

Alright friends, we are right on schedule!

I am exporting the 2nd episode as I’m writing this to you and lol seriously, didn’t expect the whole thing to be 20 MINUTES!

Hope you’re gonna be ready for it Tmr when it’s out! (Contributors, be ready for pings!)

Here’s a screen shot of it currently being exported. 

Yeah it takes near 6 hours to export a 20min video in HD lol (I started about 10 minutes ago). Kudos to all our favorite YouTubers out there for working their asses off for our entertainment eh?

I’m now, finally, going to take a break and maybe watch some anime lol. Talk to you again!



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2 thoughts on “PBIY TV Epi 2 update #2

    1. Thanks! Don’t worry about the episodes when you are busy lol!
      Check them out anytime when you are available, they aren’t going anywhere 😉

      And thanks for the visit and comment bud! Have a good day!

      Your pal,

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