What is the greatest gift?

To me, it’s the gift of YOU- Your time.

You are practically giving your life away to the ppl you are hanging with! Think about all the time you’ve spent with the ppl you love.

And the best part? You are okay with it! Isn’t that just one of the most beautiful thing ever?

So how about you? What is YOUR answer? Share them in the comments!
Your pal,


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15 thoughts on “What is the greatest gift?

  1. The cliché answer to this question would be love. The greatest gift you can give another person is love according to society. In my opinion though, it’s understanding. It’s having enough empathty to tell someone that even though you haven’t gone through their situation personally, you understand. You care enough to sit and listen to them. That is the greatest gift you can give another person.

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    1. Hmm beautifully said indeed. To allow the other party to feel understood and cared for.

      I asked this question on my Facebook page as well and similar to your answer, a friend of mine shared his and that is “Acceptance”.

      To love the other unconditionally as we understand and accept the other person for being who they are without judging them because it is when we can’t accept who we are, that we try to be someone we’re not which hinders our path towards happiness.

      If we can understand and accept each other, there will be no need for us to be who we’re not in our pursuit of happiness just so that we can try to “Fit in”.

      And as you’ve said, if we can understand each other? That’ll be the first step towards a world of lesser conflict and problems.
      When someone is in a really low time of their life and you don’t know what he or she is going through but tries to experience it by putting yourself in their shoes and then share your concern, it could change their perspectives towards life and perhaps even life itself!

      I love hearing different opinions and insights from others and thank you for sharing yours, Catherine 🙂

      Your pal,

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  2. You know Benjamin, I am really trying to think through your question in the hope that I can give some really intelligent well thought out answer, but to be honest – I can’t think of anything else more previous than time. I mean we all have a limit to time in our lives – we can’t buy some more, we can’t make it longer (except by a healthy lifestyle but that is no guarantee) .

    I guess my solution is to make the most of my time – spending as much as possible with loved ones, doing various activities and trying to avoid wasting my time like watching pointless TV programs 🙂

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    1. Hahaha indeed but hey- Don’t lay off the TV programs yet because it might actually teach you something about life or maybe even become an activity which you can spend your time on with your love ones 😉

      Recalling the beautiful times which you’ve spent with your loved ones can be so calming and well, happy- Isn’t it?

      Ah… Good times…

      Your pal,

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  3. This post had me thinking so much, Benjamin.
    I agree with your answer. But to be more specific, I think loyalty would be my answer. For a really long time, I didn’t have friends or family I could really trust because they’d end up leaving, whether it was by choice or not.
    For the past year or so, I’ve felt so warm, safe, secure and loved because I have the three best friends in the whole world and no matter what, we stick to each other and I know I’m never going to have to worry about something going wrong between us. I’m confident about this one thing in my life. It means more than anything else to me.
    Loyalty. Yeah.
    Thanks for sharing your post :). I’d love for you to see a couple of mine and tell me what you think 🙂

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    1. Hey Moi Trois (That’s French yeah?) I saw quite a few of your posts and it’s obvious, you’re not just an “Over Feeler” but also an “Over Thinker” hahah! Welcome to the club? 😉

      Anywho, thanks for sharing your story here. Indeed, you can’t force people to stay in your life (But you certainly can choose who to keep!) and I’m glad that you’ve found yourself some good friends to hold onto.

      Isn’t it amazing how hard it can be for us to find friends whom we know, wants the best for us as we look to grow, support and live through the journey of life together?

      Seriously happy to hear your thoughts and current life situation bud and really, thank you for sharing this comment here 😉

      I’m sure it’ll let others who read this see that “Hey, here’s another beautiful thing about this world of ours”.

      I’m sure you’ve felt this as well, most people view the world as a “Only Negative and no Positive” place but I seriously disagree with that!

      Your story is one example of how there are positives in this world as well and btw, I don’t think you’ve shared this in your blog right? You should try dedicating one post for these close friends and family of your 🙂

      Also, I noticed your blog’s got a “Uncategorized” category which is essentially your “Blog” right?

      Have you thought of renaming it to “Blog”??

      Your pal,

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      1. Thanks so much for all your Likes! Yes, I’m a major over-thinker and I can see that you are too :’). Maybe it’s what makes us better writers haha
        I disagree with the Only Negative and No Positive! And I’m glad I’ve got experiences to share to support my view!
        I have shared two posts about my closest people, actually, here you go:

        Facts. – http://wp.me/s6SDTK-facts
        Lighthouses – http://wp.me/p6SDTK-45
        Hope you like them! 🙂

        Also, thanks for the feedback. You’re right, I need to get rid of the Uncategorized category.. when I’ve the time, I’m going to sort out all my posts and I’ll let you know once I do and you can tell me what you think, yeah?
        Thanks so much!
        Cheers 🙂

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      2. Anytime! I’ve already opened the links but I’ll either read them later or tmr cause my eyes are tired from all the reading and writing since I started a few hours ago lol.

        Chat again yeah? Again, just let me know whenever you’re done too and I’ll tell ya 😉

        Your pal,


      3. Hey, thanks so much for all those Likes!
        Yep, I’m an over-thinker and clearly, you are too. Maybe it makes us better writers haha
        I disagree with the Only Negative and No Positive! I’m glad I’ve got experiences to share to counter that belief 🙂
        I have shared two posts dedicated to my closest people, actually. Here you go:

        Lighthouses – http://wp.me/p6SDTK-45
        Hope you like them! 🙂

        Also, thanks so much for your feedback, you’re right, I’ve got to get rid of that Uncategorized category. I will, soon. I need to sort out my posts anyway.
        Thanks again, Benjamin.
        Cheers 🙂

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      1. Alright, if you ever feel like talking to someone and feel that you can’t talk to anyone around you or just want to find someone else to share your issues with, feel free to email me via doubleyourpresence@gmail.com

        I don’t mind lending a listening ear. After all, support for a damaged soul can do wonders. I’ve been through that recently so trust me when I say that I want to help because I might be able relate to a certain degree.

        Stay strong alright? 😉

        Your pal,


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