The Music Video is up!

So if you’ve been following the blog, you’ll remember it being inactive for awhile and as mentioned hereI was helping my buddy, Jeevan (Angelo), with his band’s Music Video and it’s finally up! [See below]
I’m the guy running around in the hoodie!
Story of the MV wise, the identity of “Hoodie” is not known till the end.
Note: Song title is “REWIND”.
Kudos to the crew who made this all possible and thanks for the invite to help with this too, Jeeve- It was fun goofing around off shoot 😉

11 thoughts on “The Music Video is up!

      1. Lol that’s nice to know! xD let me know when they have new songs and/or music videos. Even though that type of music genre isn’t what I always listen to, I liked how it sounded, there’s just times when you like something that you’re not used to, which is a good thing. 🙂

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