Darkness Visible

This post touches on the topic of Depression rather nicely.
IF you are struggling with depression? Please know that you are not alone!
There are truly genuinely nice people out there who wants to help so seek us out if you do need assistance!


You can sound smarter if you throw out the title Gravity’s Rainbow as if you’ve read it.

I haven’t.

I did read Styron’s Darkness Visible when I went through my own bouts of melancholia – an older name for depression which keeps the feeling of meaninglessness without implying sadness. I found more comfort reading about other unhappy people than I did trying to remind myself how nice the world was or how bright the future could be. Cheeriness seemed like a taunt, while Darkness Visible seemed to say, “Me, too. I know the feeling. There’s more of us than just you”.

My college was well known, at least to its students, for bringing out the worst in people. There were 3 suicides while I was there, and several attempts each year. My freshman year, the suicide was another freshman I knew from a distance and didn’t talk to often. One student…

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