When You Know it’s Time to Push

Literally a “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” story. Check it out, it might inspire you to make most of your day today 🙂

Just a Girl and a Bike

Mt Bachelor - Me SummitWhen you know it’s time to push, don’t be afraid. Find a way, and just do it.

There are times when you don’t feel up to it, you aren’t sure if you’ve got it, and you have doubts about whether or not it is a good idea. But, deep down, you know you can and you know you should. There are also times when you simply know that you shouldn’t. There is a very distinct difference between these two scenarios. In both of them, you feel weak. In both of them you may be suffering. In one of them you know you should and it would be good for you. In the other, you know that you shouldn’t and that it is time to nurture and heal. You absolutely must get in touch with your inner being and your sense of intuition to enable yourself to distinguish between them.

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6 thoughts on “When You Know it’s Time to Push

    1. Hey bud thanks for the visit and sweet comment 😉

      I checked out your blog and left you some comments too. Epic photos, surprised that you guys took those yourselves!

      Writing is easy to get into as well- Plus the organized layout and nice use of images to fill up the site? My visit was a real pleasant one. Awesome.

      You two look sweet together btw!

      Your pal,

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      1. That’s nice, thanks a million! Yes, Bart has studied photography and I must agree, his photos look awesome ! I’m trying my hand at writing but cannot guarantee it is going to be any good lol . Thanks again for visiting, I’m loving your blog and going to follow you 😊

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