You & Project BIY (PBIY Badge unveiled!)

Project Believe In Yourself exists as a community with the sole purpose of making a positive difference in people’s lives by providing contents to encourage & inspire positive living through the spirit and act of motivational support and kindness towards those in our lives! (And those who are yet to be!)

Aside from having access to resources from our website, as a member of this new movement, you will also be given the ability to help contribute to our website AND you will also gain access to the countless support from our positive community!


PBIY aims to improve quality of life on Earth by doing the following:

1. Transform negative outlooks/mindsets towards life into a positive one.

2.  Provide a greater understanding to issues and challenges in life via our community’s content (Videos, written articles, blogs & etc)- Especially those related to Mental and Social Health.

3.  Acknowledge the fact that the world has lots of negatives but nevertheless– We learn to embrace the fact that there are also lots of positives, as we strive to create more positive in the world to OUTSHINE the negative!

4.  Develop & inspire an active, honest and GENUINE community of positive souls to share their experiences, knowledge and insights in life!

Ready to join us? We wholeheartedly welcome you! [Update: Click here to check out our newly set up community forum!]
To join us, you just need to do ONE thing (An optional Step TWO if you own a blog/website!):

Step 1: Email me via and inform me of your interest in joining so that I can approve and add your name into our “List of Believers” (It’ll be up soon!). If you’d like to contribute? Let me know in this email and we can discuss it further there!

Step 2 (Optional): If you own a Blog/Website? Do give me your links so that I can provide a “Path” for everyone to check out your awesome content!

Once I’ve approved your application, pin up our Project’s Badge of Honor (See below) on your site to show your support for our cause in making a difference and help spread the awareness!

Don’t forget to link the badge to our website so that it’ll be easy for newcomers to join our cause!

PBIY’s Badge of Honor – A pledge of your undying will to make the world a better place for everyone!


a. To provide Believers with a clear & easy way of identifying other members- For purpose such as Mastermind Groups (A group of like minded people assembled to support each other’s Dreams/Goals/etc) and other activities which encourages positive living!

b. In future, to organize and provide regular competitions to inspire progress and allow constructive reviews from the community for an extra dose of motivation to see things through.

c. To spread awareness of our mission in creating a better world for everyone!

Hope to hear from you!

Your pal,
Benjamin Ngiam

P.S. Current Followers- You can skip the mentioned step of emailing me and just write in via the comments section 🙂

P.S.S. Badge details and the BoH Contest will be addressed soon!

[Note: Though I appreciate all applications & members eagerness to contribute to the cause– In order to protect the Community & maintain both the good name of it and it’s members, I do have to reserve the right to decline to include or publish anything that I find inappropriate or has nothing to do with- Or even go against our cause.]

16 thoughts on “You & Project BIY (PBIY Badge unveiled!)

  1. Sorry, I completely missed the post a few weeks ago about this. It’s a great initiative. I myself am trying very hard to be positive and move in a positive way though I do still struggle sometimes and find days I feel down (I suffer from depression). But this would be a perfect way to keep on a positive track. What sort of contributions to members make?


    1. Hey Kat, don’t worry about it! After all, we ARE busy with our lives and it’s a good sign- As compared to not moving at all in life 😉

      I’m glad you actually spoke up to let me know that you’re suffering from depression. I had depression as well so I can relate to how you feel. It’s actually one of the reason why this movement was made as well. To set up a community where people with such issues can gather to support each other and not feel like they don’t belong anywhere in society or worst, don’t feel that their life matter at all.

      To contribute, there are LOTS of ways that I don’t even know where to start!
      Before we can go full force with this, I have to get the community forum up again (For direct community advises, opinions on issues etc) so for now?

      One of the best ways to contribute is by writing articles to help with issues like depression and other mostly overlook mental health and social problems.

      A few examples of such articles include:

      1. Writing an inspiring article. Be it something from your life experience or something you’ve heard. Usually, a personal experience is more powerful.

      Stories like these will remind others that they aren’t alone and it might even provide an insight into the issue.

      2. Tips on how to manage the issue (Naturally, write this when you’re feeling better!)

      3. Topic doesn’t have to be on problems! You can also write about things that are positive! Idea here is to make a positive difference in ppl’s lives!

      4. If you got any ideas to suggest, by all mean, let me know 🙂

      You don’t have to limit yourself to just writing too! If you feel adventurous? Feel free to try out other mediums like Audio logs/podcasts or maybe even video logs!

      My YouTube channel has some examples of me using vlogs and we got podcast on our site available for reference as well.
      Have you seen an episode of PBIY TV yet? Perhaps we can even work on the next episode together! There’s so many ways to contribute and we can always talk about that some other time 😉


      In my experience, one of the best ways to better manage and even “Recover” from depression is by socializing and sharing YOU- Your value with those around you and the world!

      If you don’t feel like you have anything to offer to anyone? Please, for god’s sake, go listen to my podcast episode 2 on how to find your value- I believe it can help!
      Link is here:

      If you still don’t feel good after listening to the episode? Please email me.

      Back to contributing- It doesn’t matter which medium or how, as long as you do something to add value into people’s lives and SEE things happen because of YOUR Efforts? You’d start to feel like YOU MATTER. Best part? You really do!

      When this feeling kicks in, you’d feel that the world is suddenly a better place lol (As shown in PBIY TV 1, Dopamine is the culprit here!), as you start to see ppl respond to your efforts? You might find a new purpose in living because you’ve just realized that you HAVE the power to make change in lives.

      Project Believe in Yourself- First step, you gotta realize that you have the Superpower to make things happen and wholeheartedly believe that you OWN this Superpower!

      For me, I believe I can make this world better somehow in my own way. I seriously aim to do just that- Hopefully with the help of everyone lol!

      If you wanna talk more about how to contribute, feel free to email me Kat! If you wanna talk about your problems, I seriously wouldn’t mind listening so just let me know 😉

      A listening ear can do wonders for a damaged soul. I personally had the chance to meet one of the nicest souls in this world when I was in my darkest of days and the man lifted me from what would’ve destroyed me. I might talk about that in future Vlog lol!

      Needless to say, my life was changed by a number of ppl and I will forever be grateful to them.

      I strive to make a difference in ppl’s lives because of these ppl as well. I want to shine a light into the lives of those who believe there’s none to be found just as how they did it for me.

      I want to help people become a light for others in their lives as well. That is another one of the reasons why this site is set up.

      I sincerely thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me and even asking what can members do to help contribute. It shows that you’re considering on helping even when you’re down. It takes a strong soul to do this and it truly means a lot to me, to be able to witness this bud.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      Your pal,

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      1. Hi,

        I’m feeling better. I actually have bouts when I feel more depressive and other times when I’m fine but I’m in a better place on the whole than I was two years ago. Back then something happened and I was close to that suicidal place. I didn’t want to die but felt there was nothing for me in the world so though I suffer bouts of sadness I strive to stay away from that.

        It’s actually through my blogging that I’ve found wonderful people who both like me and enjoy my writing, a world away from a long time ago where I didn’t have friends and felt alone. It’s through blogging I met you and this wonderful movement you’re doing :D.

        I’ve written an article on another website but was planning on posting it on my blog properly about something, maybe you can give me your thoughts on how close it is to the sort of posts your thinking about. Maybe we can talk more through email? How do I contact you,? I am searching for your email on your website…

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      2. Glad to know that you’re feeling much better! Had me worried lol.

        I know what it feels like to be suicidal for that reason. I definitely was there at one point of my life so don’t worry bud, I understand how you feel and now am even more glad that we met here. We may be far from each other, may not have met in person but our souls can connect somehow for sure 😉

        Hahaha my email can actually be found in the homepage but for your convenience, here it is:

        It’s great that you’ve gained something off the experiences you had too. Like myself, I know I won’t be the way I am now if I hadn’t gone through those experiences which I did.

        You have gained certain insights into life as well as skill sets which can benefit others. In a way, you are now better equipped for the upcoming “War”- Aka challenges in life. Have you found your villain/antagonist yet? 😉

        Best part of it all? You are going to be able to benefit everyone who needs help in certain areas in life because of this!

        As for the article itself which you’re planning on submitting? Email it over to me and I shall review it!

        Btw, as mentioned before, writing articles etc isn’t the only way you can contribute to this project and everyone who’s going to be involved.

        By joining the community forum, you’d be able to get involved in everyone’s lives more directly!

        Be it:

        Asking for advises, opinions, surfing through the board for references to help someone who’s facing similar issues, learning from problems people are facing and even giving your own input to people’s problems and issues in life!

        What better way to help people than by setting up a place where every positive soul on earth can gather to boost each other up and balancing each other out on our bad days- And sharing the best moments together right?

        Share the good and bad. Rise to the top together. No matter what, we’ll always be here as a community for anyone who needs support, encouragement and even GENUINELY thought out advises/feedbacks/opinions on any issues or doubts one may have in life.

        We aren’t online “Trolls”. I have seen ppl asking real questions to real problems but ended up getting stupid answers. We are here to save people from meaningless and even hurtful experiences in both the online and hopefully offline “Real” life too. Kinda like an online Crusaders of sort. Justice League of the Internet’s social life? XD

        Whatever it is, the forum has just been set up and I’d love to have you come over and test it out! I’m currently inviting fellow bloggers (Who’ve displayed similar mindset) over so hopefully most who believe in this cause will join in. I know I will be pestering my good friends as well soon hah!

        Here’s the link:

        Feel free to respond here or via email bud! Looking forward to your respond 😉

        Your pal,

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      3. Thank you and you will for sure if you truly set your mind to it!

        As with every success stories and even successful business chains, when you see one in front of you- let’s say Starbucks? You know somewhere, somehow, many years ago, someone or some group of friends decided to make a difference in something they are passionate about and guess what?

        They did something and voila- A Difference making machine!

        Starbucks has been fueling many people’s morning caffeine needs as well as introducing many non-coffee lovers to the sweet discovery of coffee mixed with chocolate and other strange concoction which only Starbucks Platinum members and employees would know lol!

        I know you can help and I definitely hope you will be as excited as I am over this project’s movement. Think of the possibilities we can make happen with this move! For all we know, we might even help inspire future hollywood filmmakers or perhaps even the next technological innovators! Just by being supportive and by being there, we’ve helped in making someone’s life better and in turn, he or she will go on to make life better for everyone else too!

        I am looking forward to making a difference in people’s lives together with you Kat 😉

        Your pal,

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    1. Thanks Nina! I’d LOVE to have you as part of the team!

      Anywho, I noticed an email notification from you and I will get to them as soon as I can!

      Sorry for making you wait bud, running on a tight schedule lol!

      Talk to you there soon 🙂

      Your pal,

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      1. Thanks Nina, I truly appreciate it!

        Anyway, I just read your email but it’s late here (3.15am at the moment lol!) so I’ll likely respond tomorrow BUT if you can’t wait for my respond?

        Feel free to perhaps sign up to the newly set up forum for the community right here:

        I will respond to your email asap, promise! Talk to you soon alright? Stay chirpy bud!

        Your pal,

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