Believers, I need your opinion!

Hi! Hope you can spare me 60 seconds of your time bud! (At most 60 sec, promise!)

I’m looking to set up a new forum for the community’s movement and I’d like to ask, would you prefer a forum with DARK theme or LIGHT theme?

Dark theme might be easier on the eyes while light and bright themes may be “Good for the soul” but staring at a glaring screen isn’t exactly ideal.

What’s your vote?? Feel free to tell me why!

Your pal,

P.S. If you are interested to sign up now, go ahead! –> Community Forum

Feel free to let me know what you think of the Forum at it’s current stage too!

24 thoughts on “Believers, I need your opinion!

    1. Hey bud, it helps for sure! Thanks for the input 🙂

      If you got time, I’ve got the forum up in a light brown color scheme- perhaps you can take a look and let me know how it feels when you’re over there? If you don’t have time for it, you don’t have to- No obligations!

      Already appreciate the feedback you’ve given 😉

      Cheers bud! Stay chirpy 😉

      Your pal,


    1. I see, thanks for the input. This is definitely an important feedback!

      I’ve put up a brown colored theme at the moment- Perhaps you can check it out and let me know how you feel when you’re over there?

      No obligations though! Already appreciate you taking the time to write this input for me 🙂

      Your pal,

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  1. Dark because it is the color of my soul and It makes me feel like home and kind of gets my attention more but that’s just me, although if you do use bright colors on a light background that can be very attention seeking and can make people come over and look, but you gotta make sure that it’s not too bright or else it won’t work, you can use a light background with dark fonts, or if using a dark background like black, a white font will look best and will attract eyesight more and will make text stand out, making it easier to read and easier to focus and grab attention.
    When using light colors on dark backgrounds, you make whatever is in the light colors stand out more due to contrast and when using light backgrounds you gotta make sure that the content is in dark-ish or completely dark colors or you can go with background colors such as a light yellow or blue as well.
    Idk, but I think that a dark theme would seem nice, but you gotta work on colors schemes and be careful with the colors you choose, same with a light theme. If you use a light background, yellow or any other bright color won’t be such a great choice, but colors like black’s and dark blues, maybe a dark orange can even work as well.
    Just follow your designer instincts because in the end the forum is yours and the final decision is also yours. You decide what to do with it. 🙂
    Either way I’ll bet it’ll look great!!!

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    1. Hahaha thanks for this in-depth input Karuchan 🙂

      I do feel that dark colors might be soother for the eyes. Though lighter theme could indeed be better to follow the theme of everything as long as it doesn’t strain the eyes. Definitely going to think and consider further with these feedbacks from everyone!

      Btw Karuchan, I got a brown colored scheme up at the moment. If you got time, can you take look and tell me what you think of it?

      Will really appreciate it!

      Your pal,

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      1. Hello! Sure, I have already taken a look at it and it looks great. ^^ Well you can experiment with different colors and choose the one that looks best to you, friend. Either way I think the brown background looks good. ^^

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  2. I would use a light theme, but it kind of depends on what you want. Darker colors, like black, communicate sophistication and excellence, whereas light colors, for example white, communicates clarity, simplicity and also sophistication. I hope this maybe helps (:

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    1. Wow this definitely helped! Thanks so much for this comment 🙂

      I got quite a number of feedbacks leaning towards light theme so I might look more towards that but for the moment, if you got time?

      I’d like to invite you over to the forum for a quick look and review- Again, if you got time to spare! No obligations 🙂

      Thank you SO much for this comment! Truly appreciate it bud 🙂

      Hope you’re having a nice day!

      Your pal,

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  3. I prefer a lighter than darker color. Darker doesn’t always compliment the font color. I suspect you’ll be paying close attention to that in [all browsers] just to make sure you get what you want. I mean your blog looks dandy and I can tell you spent [or someone did] time getting it this way. You could always put up a sample page using both colors for readers to judge. Just a mention.

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