PBIY Forum Update- Live Chat system!

Hey y’all just a quick update for the community’s forum building progress!

As seen in the title,  a Live Chatroom system has been implemented and I’d like to invite YOU to head over and try it out! Let me know if it works or not! Pretty excited for everything going on over there! Hope you’ll join us in this forum building and beta testing phase!

Aside from the Live Chat, a few other categories have been added into the forum.
1. Mastermind Group
2. Progress Report
3. Story Corner
4. iStory Time! (A thread made to keep inspirational stories that I will soon be making videos on YouTube for. I’ll need your help then too but more on this in the near future so stay tuned!)
5. General Discussions
6. Hobbies & Interests (Movies & Video Games Sub-categories)

Thanks for reading & hope you’re having a good day! Talk to you again soon!

Your pal,

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