Busy like a Buzz-Bee

Okay champs, so I’ve been real busy in the past few days and likely will be for this week and the next. I will do my best to put up something for y’all so till then, hope you’re having a good day and night!

In the mean time, I’d like to invite YOU to join our NEW community forum over here:
–> http://s15.zetaboards.com/Project_BIY_Forum/index/

Check it out!
Alright, till the next time we chat again-
Stay chirpy my friends!

Your pal,

P.S. If you’ve missed my previous post, I actually made a 3 mins-quick video update for the Badge of Honor Contest so click HERE to check it out if you are interested in watching me speak with my sexy voice. Lol.

15 thoughts on “Busy like a Buzz-Bee

    1. Hey Kat!

      So sorry for the delay but yes, I’ve received your email. I just haven’t got time to REALLY sit down and write a proper respond yet- I want to reply with the amount of attention you’ve put into writing it so that I can respect your time instead of just writing a quick respond and leave it lol!

      As you know, whenever I go through people’s blogs/ posts, I always go into details so that my respond is worth reading as it holds a purpose or meaning. I know how precious time is so I try to maximize the usage of it. The same goes to any emails I receive 😉

      So don’t worry, I’ve received your “Message in a bottle” and I will get to it asap. Till then, hope you’re living life with a smile!
      If things aren’t going well and you feel the need for venting or emotional outlet of sorts? Please, feel free to write another email to me and I will respond to it as well.

      Thanks for understanding and for the email bud 😉

      Stay chirpy!

      Your pal,

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      1. :). No problem, just wanted to make sure it arrived, take your time with replying, there’s really no rush. :). Like you I like to take time to reply and though I am good, feeling good and happy I have become very busy myself too :o. So I completely understand :).
        Take your time, and take care 🙂

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      2. Will reply to your email soon. Like you I’m over busy and might take a few days so don’t worry and don’t think I won’t. Like you I like to take my time and respond properly rather than a line of text so will reply soon but not sure if today lol 🙂 Take care and I hope you’re doing well 🙂

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      3. Oh Kat, I forgot to inform you that I’ve posted your article up on PBIY and you’ve got a comment for it.

        I responded to it, naturally lol but I just thought you might wanna respond to it as well as 🙂

        Your pal,

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