A Man in love feels…

This basically sums up what I felt when I was with my ex so hey, if you’re a woman who wondered about this same thing? Take my word, it is true for a man who is seriously in love with you. You lucky gal 😉

Your pal,

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14 thoughts on “A Man in love feels…

  1. I’m not one of those gals who stereotype a man, I believe that men can love and sometimes their love is more strong and true than a woman’s. Sadly, sometimes there’s men who decide to illusion a woman. In my case, my ex boyfriend. He made me believe that he loved me, but he had a very strange way of doing it(?) In the beginning everything was good until like about 6 months into our relationship. He was a too jealous person and would try to manipulate me. Once a girl kissed him and I forgave him, then a boy stole a kiss from me and he left my house calling me a slut. He started to hang out with that girl and they had photos together on his phone but he would never let me touch his phone, meanwhile if the boy who stole a kiss from me said “hello” to me, he was already trying to make me cry. He prohibited me from speaking to my male best friend and other boys, but I never prohibited anything from him. He would threatened to break up with me if I ever got a tattoo or piercing or anything that he didn’t like saying that it would “take away my beauty and make me unattractive”, he was just too much. Then we broke up and he got with the girl who kissed him, and he still dared to say to me that if I ever started dating my best male friend, he would never speak to me again and he wanted me to “wait” for him for 4 months until he decided to stay with his new girlfriend or get back with me, but that’s when I said no once again to him, I have always said no to him in so many occasions, he thinks that I’m his property or something and still bothers to talk to me like if he owns me, but I always said no to all of his offers and everything he would try to do, I’m not his doll.
    He would dare to say that I had changed and that I wasn’t the same anymore, when he is the one who made it that way after I was forced to slap him and push him away from me after he disrespected me. He was always mad about me not wanting to give in to him, and he still is a bit frustrated as he still asked me if I wanted to, him having a girlfriend.
    But once again, I said no to him. And that is something that gets him mad every single time, because I always rejected his offers, his insults, everything that I didn’t want. I didn’t let myself be thrown around.
    And then there are those sweet boys who treat me like a princess who are real gentlemen, not like my ex boyfriend. Of course there’s men that actually do fall in love and show it, fight for it, but there are also men who don’t, but the same thing goes for women. Some just use them to their advantage, others really love a man. It’s the same thing for men and women. Others do fall in love others don’t, but when you do then damn, prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster!

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    1. Yes, I seriously felt every bit of the “Feels” popping out of every sentences here. Thank you for this comment bud.

      Your situation was very similar to mine, except that my ex was the one who got jealous over me talking to other women lol.

      I let her do whatever she wants as long as it makes her happy and if it’s nothing ridiculous like murder. Even if she wants to talk to guys or shave her head or get tattoo on her eyes.

      Okay maybe not that because it’ll hurt her like a *Insert your Vulgarity* and she’ll cry ink lol but you know what I mean.

      I let her do what she wants but she don’t give me the same freedom because of her own insecurity- Though I can understand why since I used to be very insecure as well before “Evolving” so I try not to blame her.
      But of course, there will be times when I feel insecure but I would tell myself “Hey, I want her to be happy. I’ll let her do it if she really REALLY have to do that something” and I’d just say “Okay, have fun little one.”

      Lol. She did say that I can be kinda aloof at times. Not a bad thing if you ask me heh.

      Btw, do you see a trend here? We trust them but they don’t trust us. As seen in many relationships I’m sure, insecurity CAN be the relationship killer. I’ve learned this the hard way and from the sound of it, I’m pretty sure you did too.

      I actually got a Guest Post article that might be coming out soon which I’ve written in regards to my ex. After reading your story? I’m definitely going to share it with you when it’s out heh.

      Btw, have you gotten your tattoo yet??

      The inking process CAN be an emotional roller coaster too hah!

      Your pal,

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      1. Well, I was a bit insecure with him since I was only 14 when we started out and he was 17. He was older than me and thought differently, probably why he was like how he was with me. I did feel insecure around him, but as time passed he helped me out and made me come out more and be a bit more social as well so in the end he did help me out with some stuff I guess, we did have good and bad times but in the end he made me blame myself for everything, and oh well. I accept it. I was young and he was older and I wanted to socialize and make new friends and go out with them and he just wanted to be with me all the time, have a formal relationship or something, which was something me and my parents didn’t like, especially my dad because I’m a woman and I’m his daughter xD we weren’t allowed to go out, but we still went to some places sometimes without my dad knowing, and my ex would really get mad when I would go out with friends which there was no problem with my parents but with him yes due to age difference since I was quite young and they were afraid of him trying something and he did yeah, but thankfully I know how to defend myself and have long cat nails that are perfect for when my dad wants me to scratch his back. :v
        Anyways, I’m still young and I’m not thinking about marrying and starting a family, I have no reason to. He on the other hand, was already thinking of where we would live, how many children he wanted, their names, like…dude, no. I would say to him “I can barely take care of my cat and I set my curtains on fire trying to turn the stove on, I’m clearly not even close to ready for dealing with 5 children.”
        But sometimes their jealousy is due to their own insecurities, they have their own problems, stress and fears and they try to take them out on someone, in this case us. They probably had a bad relationship, or family problems, physical insecurities, etc. But those type of relationships ain’t healthy, they’re abusive.
        Not every abusive relationship is done by physical fights, some are done by words.
        Nope, I’m still too young to get one (still underage) and school wouldn’t permit it since it’s against school uniform rules!
        Sure, I would love to hear the story! ^^ I’m a very open minded person, so I always like to hear from other peoples stories/experiences. It’s always helpful. And I also like to share my stuff with everyone.
        My cat is my only child.

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      2. Holy shit. My ex and I got a 3 year age gap as well. Now I really feel like trading stories with you lol.

        Though about the age gap and relationship, to me, honestly, it’s not something to go crazy over- IT IS something to ponder on if the age of the couple is too young lol.

        I do have friends who got together when they were 14 and eventually got married hah! But of course- It’s a really rare thing to see happen!

        The age thing though, like I’ve said, it’s a similar case for me and my ex so I totally understand.

        I even imagined it before- If my little girl comes home one day and tell me that she’s seeing a guy who’s a few years older than she is, the first thing that will come to mind is “Child molester”. It’s like a natural instinct kind of thing so yeah. Totally get it.

        After all, it is a fact that not every guy is like moi- A true gentleman 😉

        Jealousy, imo, is ALWAYS due to insecurity. If you’re fully confident, you’d never be jealous of anyone. Even if you are, you’d be confidently secure enough to not let it affect anything nor anyone.

        I have a friend who’s married to an artiste, who’s constantly having beautiful women (Artistes/Models etc) surrounding and flirting around with him. She said something which I found to be really profound.

        The line goes something like this:

        “Whenever I see many women flirting with my man, I don’t feel jealous. Instead, I feel pride and love because out of every women he can have in his life, he chose me.”

        This is a perspective that even the confident me never ever thought of lol!

        Though in my credit, I’ve always thanked god, and even let my ex know that as well- I literally said it to her face “I thank god everyday that you came into my life.”

        Lol. I know. Like I’ve said- A true gentleman. Make my woman feel special 😉

        I actually talk a little more about it in the guest post and I really can’t wait till it’s up now lol!

        And hey if you’re this horrible at taking care of yourself? You REALLY need to find a good and capable man to take care of you haha!

        I mean, you’re even capable of killing yourself by accident without supervision? That’s like a whole new level of needing to be taken care of XD

        It’ll be fun if a capable man who can take care of his woman finds a woman who can take care of her man as well, don’t you think?

        It’ll be like “Let’s see who can do the dishes better!”


        Your cat is your only child? I feel sorry for your future husband already hehe

        Your pal,

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      3. Sure, I would love to trade stories. .w. Neither my parents or family were happy with it, especially my male family members didn’t like him being older than me. Here in Mexico ( as well as other parts of the world and cultures) if a woman is dating, the man who she is dating must go up to her father and ask him if it is okay to date his daughter, they usually accept, but even though they accept they may not like him and they make sure that they can notice that they are not exactly welcomed, a father will accept him if he is respectful, polite, and well, basically a true gentleman and follows the rules made by the father. Our main rule was to never go out anywhere, and we still did, my ex broke the first rule, which automatically broke his trust in him.
        Even if he was older than me, it would all have been good but well, he kind of failed and kept on doing so so it broke all trust, and I would still defend him and give him opportunities and he would always do the same. :/
        Yes, you do seem like a gentleman, I can tell. 😉 And that is a good thing.
        Yeah, jealousy is never good. I’m not the jealous type though, because I have no reason to! Yes, I have felt jealous before but I always get over it because there is no use in it (mostly because the jealousy is about someone like, my fave celebrity getting married or my crush getting hugged by someone but hey, they hug him, but he hugs ME. 😉 ), and I always wish for the best for everyone no matter who they are and well, if they have something that I don’t have, I don’t care and I am happy that they can have it because that is what my family has taught me.
        Haha, your friend would get talked to by beautiful women, eh? Well, that was the same with me, but backwards. I was the one who would get talked to by men because well, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m quite attractive. XD I’m that one girl who turns heads when walking down the street, so naturally, I do attract attention and mostly from men who sometimes do go up to me to chat and then there are others who just go and straightly flirt with me or with absolutely no shame just say “Hey, you’re cute, wanna go see a movie?” Which I HATE when they do that. And that was my exes problem, that I attract men and he would get really jealous and mad about that, when I don’t even pay attention to those boys. I’m not the type of girl who dates the first dude who talks to them no, I’m not an easy gal. I have found that girls who are pretty are the girls who are VERY picky, and that is true. XD He would tell me, “I can’t believe that a woman like you found interest in me.”He would even demand me to stop talking to my male friends, and that insecurity was his, because he had a bad relationship experience, a girl cheated on him with various dudes in which his insecurities started, but he would take them out on me, giving me my own insecurities, especially when he called me a slut for everything which made me feel bad about my body image. 😦 and he would do that, because of the girl who cheated on him. She was a slut, not me. But sadly he would say it to me directly or indirectly, making me feel bad and that was why whenever he would come over to my house I stopped getting all dressed up and pretty, and that’s when he started saying to me “you used to get all pretty for me, what happened to you?” and it would make me want to just start laughing, pour some bleach into a cup and drink it.
        Ugh…yeah. Do you know how many times a friend has saved me from getting ran over? I get lost in talking and stop paying attention to where the fuck I’m going and when I notice my friend is pulling me back or pushing me out of the way in order to save me from something falling or a guy in a bicycle or a hole that leads to a sewer or stepping on something etc. . .-. Once a boy had to pull me by my hair because I got lost in my own thoughts and didn’t see a bus coming and I crossed the street without looking and he tried to get a grip of my backpack but failed and got me from my hair so he just pulled it hard enough to drag me back to safety. .-. Luckily that doesn’t happen often, it happens whenever I’m with someone since that’s when I get carried away and lost in the chatter but lately I’ve been paying more attention. ^^ and when I’m alone I do pay attention but that day I just randomly let my crazy out.
        Well I have always said that I want to marry a man who can cook and do laundry, since I’m a bit distracted and can easily miss a colored object and throw it in with white clothes or turn around while pouring detergent in and add more than usual and in cooking well, I can use a microwave and a toaster. 🙂 but never matches or one of the normal lighters since I am scared of fire ever since I set my curtains on fire so yeah, I just stick to those lighters with a handle…Other than that, I can do the cleaning and all the other stuff. Now, I shall make some cereal. *sets fire to cereal after pouring in milk* Yes, I do need a man who can take care of me. xD
        I’m like this guy in a tv show that was an artist and would make crazy sculptures but everything that he did would magically set on fire, including one time he showed one of his statues to his little sister and it just randomly sat on fire and both of them just stared at it in no surprise whatsoever since they were used to it.
        Well my husband will be my husband because he will be as crazy as I am and we will give love to each other and have many cats. 🙂 and yes, we will have competitions to see who can do the dishes better, I am also a very playful person so.. that will certainly happen!
        I’m also that one guy in the movies who is walking down the street with a girl and the guy just yells “RACE YOU TO THE STORE!” and just starts running and the girl is left confused like “…what?” but in my case the dude always races me. xD
        I will be looking forward to your post. ^^
        Take care, Mr. Gentleman!

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      4. Okay Karuchan, here’s the thing.
        We’ve shared a lot here on the comments and I don’t wish to flood it any further.

        Do us both a favor and email me via doubleyourpresence@gmail.com

        I will respond to your current comment over there. Also-

        Include these in the email:

        Title- “Something that makes you smile”

        And in this email, tell me 3 jokes.
        Don’t ask why 3, just do it.
        You will get something in return if you do fulfill my “Quest” to my satisfaction 😉

        Talk to you again soon little amiga.

        Your pal,

        P.S. My guest post is now out if you’re interested to read it: https://thehappylife101.wordpress.com/2016/09/10/i-hate-her-no-more/

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      5. Seeing how you’ve responded this way literally meant that I’ve asked the right person.

        If you felt some sort of challenge in it and you actually took it? Congratulations, you’ve just evolved.

        The fact that you took up the challenge instead of shying away tells me a lot about you too 😉

        I will read it soon. Talk to you later indeed little miss amiga. Don’t sleep in class.

        Your pal,

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      6. Well, I mean, if by “the right person” you mean someone who enjoys terrible horror movies especially movies about gigantic animals that eat a group of people and the whole movie is just so terrible and the special effects are shit and someone who laughs at terrible jokes and awful puns and loves memes and someone who is just bright and crazy then yes, you’ve asked the right person. 🙂
        I love to accept challenges, it depends on what it is though lol but I shall never give up and at least try. 🙂
        Alright, Mr. Amigo .w.
        I have never slept in class, I don’t even take naps because if I do then I would miss out on my day and I don’t like that.
        Take care!

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