We saved a dog today!

Earlier today, about 2.45pm, my mother’s friend brought a lost dog to us. Apparently she (Doggie) was almost knocked down by a car before she was picked up. She was really scared but fortunately did not react aggressively when we tried to carry her.

While at our place, my brother and his wife bathed her. While bathing her, they noticed that she was quite heavy- for a small dog.

Sis-in-law knew quite a bit about dogs and started looking for signs of pregnancy such as enlarged nipples and stiff abdomen.

Pregnancy symptoms were mostly present. We became more careful with her.

My dad wanted to call the shelter but we decided against that and instead, put up a Facebook post with her photo, to try and reach out to her owner.

Sis-in-law posted the “Lost&Found” and included the location to where the dog was picked up from and we hoped for a respond as we started discussing on keeping her if no one responds to it.

If you don’t know yet, we already have a family dog (Afro) and he doesn’t like other dogs lol. It’ll be troublesome but we did consider keeping her.
Saddest thing? We noticed tears trickling off her eyes. Mom stayed by her side to make her feel safe and comforted.

I stayed by Afro to keep him in check lol.

Few hours later, little doggie became less afraid but I had to keep Afro away from her cause he keeps barking at her. Damn it boy.

6pm, no respond. Dad started rambling to my mom about having a second family dog. It’s just him being frustrated to changes in life lol. Isn’t it fascinating how we humans are so resistant towards change? I just told mom to ignore him.

8.30pm, mom received a text from sis-in-law. The owner contacted her! Even showed photos of them together and apparently, little doggie had given birth to a puppy before!

Apparently her name is “Baby” so we started calling her that hahaha. Now her family is coming over to bring her home.

It was a short time but it sure felt like we made a huge difference by taking her in- instead of just bringing her to the shelter without trying to reach out to her owners 🙂

Remember, you can make a difference in life, no matter how small the act may be!
Alright that’ll be all for today.
As mentioned in my previous video where I did a duet by myself (As requested after some of you awesome friends first heard me sing here lol) a new episode of iStory Time! is coming up next so stay tuned!

Hope you’re having a good day 😉

Your pal,

7 thoughts on “We saved a dog today!

    1. Haha I know! It’s amazing as well how the internet can be used to perform such feats which would likely be labelled as sorcery back in the day lol!

      Technology advancement, just awesome 🙂

      Thanks for reading and leaving such nice comment as always!

      Your pal,

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  1. Hi Benjamin, thanks for the comment on my blog. There is something wrong with the settings on my blog so currently I can’t respond to comments (I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it, yet!), but I wanted to say thank you for asking if you could use my post… and yes, feel free to do so, I would be honoured. Take care

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