Live Stream Blog Reviews!

I will be doing blog reviews LIVE for the WP Community Pool weekly/bi-weekly and you are welcome to join me as well! We can review blogs together!

How to Participate:

– Leave your blog’s link in that week’s session posts’ comment section for everyone to review (I will get to them as well!)

– Review other bloggers’ work for more opinion

– Join the chat in the livestream!

Random activities might be planned to engage with you guys (E.g. gaming together!) so do keep a look out!

Ultimately, it’s all for fun and benefit of everyone!

(Note: Streamed videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel for future reference.)

If you guys want a more permanent place to hang out in?
Join our PBIY “Secret Society” Facebook Group!

Since I’m from Singapore, I will be using 
Singapore Time Zone UTC+08:00
And I will usually check the community pool on:

MONDAY from 8pm – 1am
TUESDAY 10am – 2pm

Hope to talk to you soon! If you want to see more content by me or the community, check out our YouTube channel or browse through our articles in the menu 🙂

If not, I will see you in the livestream session. Ciao!

Your pal,

P.S. If you’ve got feedback(s) on how to improve the show/site, do let me know too! I want to bring the best experience out for everyone to enjoy and you can help make that a reality!
Either leave a comment or email me via

20 thoughts on “Live Stream Blog Reviews!

      1. Last time I did a livestream it was on Facebook with some friends during lunch break at school and all I did was eat for like 15 minutes while my friends were talking and yelling and saying things to the people watching :’3 the memories ❤

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      2. Trueee :’3 Good times and good memories ❤ We recently did one but I was also eating :v They have a thing for streaming while on lunch break, or like a classmate who streamed our whole geometry class 😛 xD

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    1. Hey Riya, cheers for the effort in helping the community 😉

      For my thoughts on this project, I feel that it’s a good way to help contribute to the community but for some reason, I don’t know why but it feels like something is missing as well.

      Perhaps it’s the purpose of it? Aside from driving traffic for your fellow blogger pals, is there any other reason for this QnA to exist?

      Might just be me lol but I feel like the time can be better spent on something else (Such as setting up a photography contest and share photography skills and/or work, location, stories etc).

      Again, this is just ONE of my personal opinion. My view on this being a valiant and awesome effort to help everyone in the community still stand. It’s just, I feel that you could be doing more instead of just a QnA.

      I guess one of the reason to that is because I don’t really see a point in QnA unless it’s an interview on someone with an issue or story which we can all gain some insight from.

      A lot of “Blog Awards” are being set up to encourage traffic such as what you’re trying to do by sharing about themselves (Interview)- That’s probably the reason why I feel that you can do more instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

      After all, if everyone is producing and selling cow milk, what’s another cow milk vendor going to mean to the populace? Probably nothing much.

      What if a Goat Milk vendor suddenly comes along? It’s got different types of nutrients, different uses and benefits. Ah ha, populace can benefit from it and the vendors profit as well.

      Win-win. Sweet!

      Again, you’re doing something awesome. What I’m trying to say is- You can do better!

      You just need to innovate. Think slightly different on how you can do things differently and bring about a different but perhaps even better result.

      Don’t restrict your creativity, let them flow and take you places.
      Don’t limit your potential, unleash them and definitely don’t limit yourself 😉

      You can think of something epic. You just need some time or perhaps the right people/things to help stimulate your mind.

      Try talking to people, share ideas. Might help. After all, the world’s greats didn’t become a great by themselves. They had strong supports pushing them from behind.

      I will be anticipating your next move bud. Keep me posted, yeah?

      Your pal,

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  1. Thank you so much for your feedback. Well, I am fairly new into this blogging community and starting this project was for me and other bloggers to get to know each other. Its like a shout out to fellow bloggers by me. Again thank you for your feedback and I respect your opinion. I am just a regular high schooler doing this blog as my hobby and hopefully I will venture into new projects soon!

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    1. Hey, you are not JUST another high schooler. To me, you’re a special one because you are trying to do something that’s going to have a big impact on the lives of others.

      You are doing great so keep it up. I just want to see you do better because I know you can, eh? 😉

      Awesome spirit. Don’t let this fire die!
      I always do my best to support and provide constructive criticism, which hopefully, it was as helpful as I believe it to be lol.

      If you ever want more sincere constructive feedbacks on your new projects, feel free to check in with me yeah?

      Not everyone is driven to make big things happen in life. You are gifted with such drive, utilize it and unleash your potential 😉

      Your pal,

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    1. Older, younger, doesn’t matter as long as we are people lol!

      Apologies for the delayed respond as I’ve been superbly busy.

      Alright! I just went through your blog and it looks good. The only issue I feel, is the lack of a “Menu” tab for ease of access.
      Perhaps you can add your “categories” alongside your “About” menu under the title photo?

      For example:

      Home | About | Reflections | Slice of Life | Travel | Uncategorized (Or Others lol)

      That way, visitors can navigate your blog easily. It’ll also make it easy to spot your “About” page which is what essentially determines whether your readers would stay or not!

      It might just be me but I missed the “About” menu as I was scanning your blog in the initial first glance on the layout lol. I only noticed it when I actively search it out after reading your articles.
      Again, this might just be me and won’t happen to others lol.

      Images used along with the nice phrasing of words compliments each other perfectly. Awesome.

      Oh yeah, something else I noticed, the font size of the words. Might just be me as well but it feels a little too big and kinda affected my experience while reading, no idea why but it feels unnecessarily big? Nothing blog-breaking but just letting you know based on my experience while visiting lol!

      Regardless, Blog looks good so keep it up. Hope this helped 😉

      Your pal,


      1. Thanks so much Benjamin. Will look into your two suggestions. I struggle a lot with the tech part. Doing it on my own. learning along the way. thanks a ton.

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      2. Npm! If you need help just ask, will do my best to assist in any way I can. I started out not knowing anything too and learned it all via self experimenting and some video tutorials.

        You can check out some vid tutorials too! If you wanna speed things up, it’ll likely be easier to contact the WordPress team.

        I remember asking them for assistance and through my experience, they have yet to let me down in all my requests lol so don’t forget that you have this option too 😉

        Your pal,


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