1st LIVE WP Community Pool Session Ended!

Thank you for those who’ve attended and definitely a HUGE thank you to Liz from https://missfortitude.wordpress.com/ for sticking through with us since the beginning till the end and feedbacks for our VERY FIRST SESSION!

If you wanna check out the WHOLE about 2 hours session, click HERE.

Considering that it’s still Halloween for some of you guys, feel free to check out our video to learn something about FEAR!

Talk to you again next week!

Your pal,

20 thoughts on “1st LIVE WP Community Pool Session Ended!

      1. Haha thank you!

        Well naturally, if you want to stay anonymous, you can! It’s your choice lol!

        I just find it funny at times to call ppl with alias like “runningstar” hah. Nothing wrong with it but I just find it funny cause I always imagine myself saying things that I write / type so you can imagine XD

        If you like ppl calling you curlygirl, hey don’t let my words change your opinion of it all.
        Besides, I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why you like the name, if you really do like it so keep it if you don’t feel a need to change anything 😉

        Your pal,

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    1. Haha hey curlygirl! I know you’ve got the answer already but just in case there are others who are wondering as well- “Live session” means real time like if I’m talking to you “Live” via livestream and I give you a link to the stream session?

      You’ll be able to listen/watch me like a radio show or news while it’s on air!

      Hope this is clear enough for everyone hah! And to answer your question from the Community pool as well on whether it’s a one time thing?

      It’s not!

      I will be holding another session next Monday and if you wanna join in as well on the chat room, feel free to stop by 😉

      Feedbacks are always welcome too if you’ve got any!

      Your pal,

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      1. Hey Benjamin, I’m debating whether to change my blog address. Currently it is musingsandmusic014.wordpress.com, but I feel like that is too long of an address. I am not yet comfortable providing my full name on my blog, but I think it would be better if i had a shorter URL. What is your experience with blog URLs and should I change my blog address or leave it?

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      2. Hey Catherine!

        Okay, first off, you don’t have to use your real full name if you don’t want to! An alias is always a good start if you wanna try things out first.

        I started out with an alias on my first blog lol! Feel free to take a look if you are interested to 😉 http://www.doubleyourpresence.com

        Now changing the name of your blog is, in my opinion, unnecessary.

        To me, your site’s address is mainly a summary of your blog’s purpose.

        It can be catchy but doesn’t have to. After all, being catchy is one thing. Having good content that brings ppl back to you is another. If your blog’s name isn’t “Exciting”, it doesn’t matter if your content is good.

        People will still remember and come back 😉

        I wouldn’t worry too much about your URL link UNLESS you feel that the name just doesn’t ring well for you and you have something else in mind.

        And again, alias for yourself ONLINE is an option! Don’t need to use your real name just because there are ppl doing it. There ARE ppl using aliases too lol!

        Your pal,

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    1. LOL you clumsy person XD

      But do you like or prefer this new blog name over the previous one?? You’re gonna be using it for a long time so think about it before settling lol!

      And right back at you bud! Glad to have you join the session and if I’m not wrong, curly girl will be in for the next one but we’ll see 🙂

      Whatever it is, sincerely, your feedbacks and support is definitely making a difference for me and everyone else in future so thank you SO much for it!

      Back to you blog name lol- do you like it?

      Your pal,

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      1. Good lol I’ll take a look tmr and give you another feedback as well. Gotta go sleep now lol!

        You need to go to bed soon as well bud >.>

        Alright talk soon Lizzie and have a good night!

        Your pal,

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      2. Ah indeed! Thanks for the ever so useful suggestions Liz 🙂

        The next session is definitely going to be SO MUCH better than the first lol!
        Btw, are you gonna be doing more with the music stuff?

        Your pal,

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      3. Most likely. I… Oh, I’m so random I wanna do so many things (drawing,writing,music)! Haha! T_T I don’t want to be jumping from one thing to another.. ’cause I want to master some skills. What do you think?

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      4. Haha I had a number of hobbies in the past as well and all I can say is we will only have time for the ones that really matters most.

        Think about what you want to do in life and work towards that. If you feel that drawing can help make a difference in your life, keep drawing!

        If writing can bring about a career for you in future and you like the thought and prospects of it? Hone your writing craft!

        If creating music makes you happy and you find extreme joy in sharing your work with ppl and perhaps even sees an opportunity to earn a living or even a side income from it? Go for it!

        Ultimately though, you got to remember, you don’t have time for everything. Especially when you’re attached to a partner in future (I’m assuming you’re not lol) you’d have even lesser time to work on your “Talent” unless the person is totally into it as well. So many other factors would come in that’ll affect your commitment to that certain skill.

        For me, the thing that’s still around would be blogging and producing videos. Both of which, are relatively new when compared to drawing and music.

        I used to do lots of musical content in the past but it affected my relationship and I stopped. Drawing was a hobby before music till I decided that music was more important to me in life XD

        I think it’s cool that I can still more or less remember how to draw some manga character’s face and hair though heh.

        The best thing that one can gain off the process of learning all these skills?

        Aside from the joy of learning and experience, you don’t really “Forget” these stuff. Once you’ve learned something, it’ll be in your mind forever even if you don’t use them.

        Sure, if you try playing the guitar after months or years of not playing, you’d forget how to play certain songs but you’ll never forget the foundation such as the basic chords.

        Learning is good. Learning is life. If you got time to gain new skills in life, go ahead!

        Just remember to prioritize right and learn what is necessary in life so that you can utilize your time better and optimize your life experience 😉

        That’s my opinion lol hope it helped!

        Your pal,


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