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Just like Elsa.

Sometimes, we all need a reminder 🙂

Cute little brother 😄


Kids always have this amazing super power to transform your mood in just a matter of seconds. I bear witness to these magical transformations everyday since I have a little 4 year old brother who holds the proud title of being the only boy that can singlehandedly pull down all my barriers, He’s the light of my life. Period.
Lately its been kind of a downhill battle, just one of those crazy mood swings I suppose. I always hate it when I’m in that crappy mood of pretending to be okay with myself, when in reality I just want to tear myself apart. But apart from that usual cycle, what amazed me today was this small conversation I had with my brother that really made me ponder on how we look at things/people at a completely different yet interesting perspective.

I was sitting on the couch watching T.V, when he…

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