So Trump Won- (Please stop…)

Everyone is going bonkers and making it sound like the end of the world is nigh. I can understand why some people are upset but I sure hope everyone is able to remain cool and not do anything stupid.

In the midst of “Chaos” where most people are crying “We’re gonna have WW3, economies are gonna die blah blah blah”

I just wanna say-

Friends, brothers and sisters, calm down. Calm down.

Trump has been elected, no point whining and continuously making negative assumptions and speculations.

Instead, how about we start looking towards watching his leadership progress and see if there’s anyway we can assist in making things better for everyone together (If possible) or perhaps even resist his efforts when it is clear that things are not going in the right direction?

Changes in life is inevitable. But when it comes, we can’t stay still and whine if we want our lives to be fruitful or comfortable.

Now that things might truly start turning around, let’s start taking action in our lives instead of complaining and whining. Prep for the impending change.

New Prez has got lots of plans that will affect lots of families and lives. If your families and/or friends are going to be negatively affected by this, first, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s unfortunate but it seems like he has his plans and with his reasons to bring about a positive change which might help make things better for the US.

A lot of people disagree and hence, so many upset outcries. Totally understandable.

But again, sincerely, we cannot tell the future, right? How about we make the best of it and give the guy a chance to make things better. Might seem impossible but hey, if there’s a chance that things might turn around for the better, how about we roll with it and try to work with it as well? After all, he’s been elected and we can’t do anything about it now. Anything legal, of course.

Instead of whining and bitching about everything, which let’s face it, it’s not helping anyone in anything-

Instead of that, let’s be grown ups here and look into the future we want and focus on trying to create that future again. Be it one that has Trump in it or not. Whining and crying over the polls sure ain’t gonna make him go away so yeah, might as well learn to live with him or plan something else in your life- Like move to another country or something, right?

All I’m trying to say is- No offense to anyone

Stop bitching. It’s getting annoying. Since we know that drastic changes are likely upon us, let’s start thinking about how to adjust and adapt to the possible “New World” instead of constantly crying out “Oh we’re gonna die” or “Trump is elected, I wanna die now”.

Shit man, if Trump being president truly is such a tragic for you that you gotta cap yourself because you have no other reasons to live for? You need help man!

Whatever it is, life isn’t so bad yet and hey, it might not be- I really don’t know but then again, nobody does! Give it some time as you prep for it. THEN when the changes do start coming out? Judge it and consider what’s next for you.

Sorry, needed to rant a little cause I keep seeing people and even my friends (Outside of US btw) constantly whining and complaining about it all over my social media that it’s become painfully annoying to read. I apologize if I offended anyone cause it’s not in my intention to.

I respect everyone and their views so if you’ve got your own views and perspectives in things and you wanna share them? By all means, please do share it!

If not, I hope you have a relaxing day/evening and I will talk to you guys again. Ciao!

Your pal,

7 thoughts on “So Trump Won- (Please stop…)

  1. Hey Bennie,

    I noticed that as well. I do realize that for the US citizens, this could be very upsetting. What I didn’t understand was the reaction of my friends who do not live in the US. They hate Trump so much.

    I can’t have a solid opinion on Trump’s character because I don’t know enough about him.. but what’s interesting to me is how social media affects everyone. Some people get half-truths or edited news, and it goes viral.

    I had a few friends who just hated him and couldn’t even justify why aside from the viral posts that show what a douche he is. (which was later debunked to be an edited video, cutting out the context of his words)

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    1. Lol indeed.

      It’s interesting that you’ve pointed the edited video out- Sometimes it is hard to be conscious of it but we are all susceptible to media and other social influences hahah.

      I get it though, it is annoying when it’s clear to you that some people just give their input into things when they obviously haven’t done much research and start acting like a “Know-it-all” and you can tell that you know more than they do but just don’t want to put them down cause you don’t want to make them feel bad.

      Jesus Christo, not saying that I’m the most well informed person around but some people were seriously getting on my nervo lol.

      But it’s sort of all over now and whatever it is, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens eh?

      Glad I’m not the only one who’s more ‘Level headed’ with this whole election conclusion.

      Your pal,


      1. A similar thing happened here in Philippines yesterday. A dictator, Ferdinand Marcos was finally buried after 27 years of waiting (his family wanted him to be buried in our countries’ Heroes Cemetery)… After all these time, our current president gave the go signal since the deceased was a former soldier and president for a long time in the 70’s-80’s.

        Anyway, A LOT of people did not agree with this decision.. since they do not believe the late president was a hero at all. There were protests in different areas, and a lot of them were millenials.

        What’s interesting to me is.. it seems like the older people who have lived through those times during the presidency of that person… are the ones who are more forgiving and understanding of his burial. The younger generation are not so accepting.

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      2. Sigh… Young people nowadays XD

        I’d say most but not all of the younger generation holds onto this idea. But ultimately, I’m pretty sure everyone knows of the contribution of the man and they can’t deny that while under his rule, they nation still stood through the test of time, no?

        What’s your opinion on him btw?

        Your pal,

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      3. I have this attitude of not having an opinion when I’m not fully informed. Haha! It’s really hard to tell what happens in politics, and media something manipulates.. Also, history books are written by winners.. so there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong in how the president was depicted in those things.

        I do know he has a lot of loyalists, and also a lot of haters. A lot of infrastructures were built during his time.. highways, health centers… BUT since he declared Martial Law (giving power to police force and soldiers).. a lot of those abused their power.. many people died and went missing.

        Then again, one of the public officials stated it this way “If all presidents are held liable for everything that happened during their presidency, then they should all be guillotined.”

        So I really honestly don’t know what to think of it all. I just want peace among all. Haha!

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