I’m Sorry

Jerry slaps Tom. Jerry laughed hard. Tom got upset and grabbed a baseball bat, started chasing Jerry down the street- Demanding an apology while Jerry kept insisting that he has nothing to apologize for and instead, added that Tom has to lighten up and learn to take a joke. 

Tom gets Jerry in the head. Jerry topples over and laid there, still. Tom looks horrified and started apologizing to a motionless body.

Just then, a ray of light shined down onto both of them and Jerry woke up. Tom rejoiced.

Yes, Jerry didn’t die. I was making up a scene with Tom and Jerry, the cartoon cat and mouse. Were you imagining them in your mind? Lol.

Sometimes in life, we do things that we regret.

At times, intentionally and others not. Whatever it is, if you are truly responsible for any bad conclusion of things, you got to apologize for the good of everyone involved.

This is something which I’ve noticed- Women (In general) are more capable of it than men lol. Yes, we men have more ego and pride etc. Which is why this is a little reminder to my fellow brothers as well-

It never hurts to say sorry.

In fact, it is sometimes the act which requires the more courage to perform! It’s definitely easier to not say nor do anything when it comes to times like these.

Not just any one can apologize. That said, not everyone uses this right. Use it all the time and your apologies will become valueless (Meaningless) which I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Make it so that your words and actions count. Be responsible- live your life in the best possible manner that you know of and chances are, you’ll not need to apologize for many things in life.

If you can accomplish this, you will never have to apologize for many things and when it’s finally time for you to apologize? Your words will hold much value to the other party.

There’s a reason why when a “King” apologizes, everyone gasps.

Also, don’t let the naysayer tell you that “Apologies are overrated. Don’t apologize for being yourself.”

Being ourselves is one thing, being an arrogant dick is another lol.

With all said and done, I apologize for missing out on the recent Community Pool. Aside from WP’s late schedule that conflicts with my time zone and schedule, I’ve been busy slaving away for my school exam as well lol. But that’s over for now and we should be back on track with contents flowing for awhile!

Assuming that things go according to plan, the next WPCP livestream session will be on the coming monday so if you are keen to join, do check in with us 🙂

And in case you are wonder- PBIY TV 3 is still in production. Will update everyone again so till then, I will talk to you again soon and hope you stay chirpy and healthy 😉


Your pal,

[Today’s featured image credit goes to Jamie.]

18 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Being the type of person I am, I don’t like it when someone says “I’ll make up for it”. That’s not an apology, it’s bribing. I don’t like accepting things from people after something they have done or said to me because in the end, material stuff isn’t as valuable as true words from the heart. I know it can be hard to apologize, but to me it’s better than a teddy bear or a slice of pizza (maybe a slice of pizza is better…) because I can get a teddy bear or a pizza whenever I want but a simple “sorry” is not something that you can give or get whenever you want.
    It has more value. 🙂
    Except if the pizza you’re giving me is Pepperoni and if not then I guess Hawaiian can make up for it or idk maybe Cheese or Mexican pizza. Eh, whatevs. Pizza is great.

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    1. Potato-dono!!!

      Yes, he and the other vegetables died for you to enjoy your pizza- You monster! XD

      But I do get what you’re saying.

      To me, as long as the person has the heart to apologize and actually mean it- It’s good enough but of course, it also depends on the severity of the matter.

      If it’s really bad, oh boy, we need to put the unfortunate soul on trial haha!

      Your pal,

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      1. Potato-dono deserved to DIE! 😡

        Like, hasn’t anybody ever said to you “I know I did this but how about I give you money or whatever you want and we can forget about our situation? Like it never happened?”

        Yeah that’s kind of what I was saying but in my own ways of explanation 😛

        We should make them walk the plank xD

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      2. Lol heard of that but never actually gotten someone saying that to me before. Not that I can remember anyway but I believe if that someone wronged me or my pal and give me that kind of crap, they will mysteriously get dog poo outside of their front door every morning hehe.

        Your pal,

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    1. Creating opportunities to become a better person by seeing and learning from the perspectives of another.

      Sometimes we do need some assistance to help point out our “Blind Spots” or perhaps even learn something new so that we can indeed, evolve further to become a better version of ourselves!

      And true that on “Save a relationship” 🙂

      Incredibly, it’s definitely one of the thing that can make or break a relationship when it’s on the edge of the cliff with emotions running high!

      Another few more insights added here, cheers for this comment Bella 🙂

      Your pal,

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  2. Even if you do apologize, it really is up to the person you wronged to forgive you. If they choose not to forgive you and instead hold your misdeeds against you, was there really a point in apologizing? Is it necessary to keep apologizing for something you did ages ago that you have not been forgiven for? Apologizing is a double edged sword in my opinion when the one who is suppose to receive the apology decides to hold your actions against you. The one apologizing just gets stuck in a cycle of apologies and awkward interactions with the person they did wrong. It becomes a mess.

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    1. Well to me, apologies are just a tool to help repair or prevent any damage done to a relationship.

      It’s not necessary to keep apologizing. If the person actually does apologize after accepting responsibilities for the unfortunate event and actually mean it but the party receiving it is refusing to accept it- That is his/her own decision.

      Fact remains that the person who is sorry have learned from the mistake and held responsible. Now, granted, just because the mistake is learned, doesn’t permit the person to be forgiven.

      It all depends on the severity of the issue, as well as the receiving party’s perspectives on things.

      For example, to me, if my partner cheats on me, it’ll be hard for me to forgive them but I will eventually if I truly love her and she is truly sorry and I can sincerely see from her actions.

      But- That is just me. It might not be the same for you (Or others) and hence, I’ve said it also depends on the receiving party’s perspective. How the person view and accept their own reality as they deal with problems in life.

      If you don’t mind, perhaps you can give an example on how someone can hold our actions against us even after we apologize?
      Just wanna make sure I truly got what you meant lol.

      I hope you’re doing well btw bud!

      Your pal,


      1. “Bob” lied to “Anna” about leaving his job. When she found out, she was angry even though he apologized. Years later, Anna constantly brings up the situation and calls Bob a liar and says she does not plan on forgiving him soon. Anna is still holding on to that situation instead of just getting over it. Yes she may have been hurt by Bob lying to her, but that was a long time ago, she should forgive him. Bob does not hang around Anna anymore because he feels uncomfortable and is upset by her inability to forgive him. He apologized back then and really does not intend to keep apologizing now. Their relationship fractured and they no longer are in contact with each other.

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      2. Ah ha there we go. Indeed and since one party is unable to let go because of their own concept of how things should be in the world and refuse to adapt to things, we can only let it be and break that link.

        Much like how my ex chose to leave me when I tried my best to hang on for us both. She still chose to push me away and I respect that so I will not try anymore.

        We’ve all got our own choices to make and our own demons to face. If we’re lucky enough, we’ll find people who are willing face our demons together and even allow us to assist them in theirs.

        Glad you’ve shared your thoughts, Kat 🙂

        Your pal,

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    1. Saw your blog, Liana. The color scheme, coupled with your writing style? It’s just lovely lol!

      Btw, I do recommend replacing your “About” page from a “Page” to a Blog Post so that readers can leave comments and/or ‘like’ your about page. This would increase your interaction with your readers 🙂

      Your pal,


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