Let’s be the Batman!| Batman: Arkham VR pt 1

So I missed out the livestream for community pool this week and said I was gonna put something out This is what I came up with lol. Let’s play the Playstation VR together!

Let’s be the Batman- Who’s also a dick lol.

Same plan for this coming WP Community pool, if the time is right, livestream reviews will be on! Talk to you guys again soon!

Your pal,

6 thoughts on “Let’s be the Batman!| Batman: Arkham VR pt 1

      1. Money wise, you are not rich… Yet hehe.

        Ah the price indeed, though if you’re ever here in SG and wanna try it, just let me know. I’d love to share the experience with you 🙂

        I let my friend try it yesterday and he was going crazy lol. Damn it seriously, if you ever visit- Let me know!!

        Your pal,

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      2. OMG! We must talk about this offer HAHAHA! Seriously. I just realized I could come see you one day (since one of the things on my bucketlist is travel some countries in Asia)…

        That may take a while though. Like a LONG while… like, I hope the games are not obsolete by then. Haha. I need a lot of savings. :/

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