Final Fantasy XV Livestream

Okay so I just recalled that FFXV is being released today and I want to play it so bad since god knows when- Not as long as my friend, Chester, though who’ve been waiting since 10 years ago when the game was known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII lol!

If you are a fan or are just curious to know what FFXV is all about? Feel free to join me today as I play it for the first time on release day with everyone LIVE on twitch (Click here to join) later today/night!

And of course, the WPCP livestream plan is still up. I only hope that it goes live before the FFXV session. If it’s late again, I will just delay it for FF because I’m just a hardcore FF fan since a kid and I REALLY DON’T WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE.

Okay, that’ll be all for now hahaha if WPCP is up early (Hopefully it will be), I will livestream and do blog reviews before firing up the PS4 for FFXV!

Talk to you guys again and if you are going to join me for the livestream? See you soon!

Your pal,

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