Community Pool Livestream Blog Review #2 Ended!

To everyone who tuned in, thank you so much for joining and hope you’re having a nice day/night.

To those who missed it and wanna catch it, feel free to check out this link below-


If not, I shall go to sleep now because it’s 3am lol.

Should you have anything you want to say to me, feel free to write to me here or email and I will respond to them as soon as I can tomorrow, promise!

And to those who’ve written in while I was live streaming and I have yet to respond? I will do so tomorrow as well since I am feeling a concussion coming lol so talk to you guys again soon!

Till then, stay chipry my friends. Ciao~

Your pal,

2 thoughts on “Community Pool Livestream Blog Review #2 Ended!

    1. Hahaha don’t worry about it NSG! Work do come first 😉

      Besides, I do try to hold these sessions weekly so if it so happens to be on and you are available as well? Feel free to join us then!

      Cheers for the thought too hah! Hope your shifts aren’t too bad and you are getting enough rest!

      I used to work shifts myself so I know heh the strain.

      Your pal,

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