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The more I want to get something done…

The less I call it work.

– Richard Bach

Pretty interesting quote, isn’t it? Hope things are going well for you friends 😉

Your pal,



Just a regular guy who wants to try to make a difference in the world for the better. You can read all about me here: Thank you for taking your time to check out my profile. Hope to talk to you soon!

17 thoughts on “The more I want to get something done…

    1. Lol cheers for the nomination Nina, it’s been awhile indeed!

      Apologies, been superbly busy hence the delayed respond and it’ll likely also mean that I won’t be participating.
      Naturally, am super appreciative of the thought lol!

      Just that I really have no time to do this since I got work, school and other projects to work on. Gotta prioritize!

      Hope you understand and definitely hope you’ve been doing awesome!

      Have your new year been good to you??

      Your pal,

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      1. No problem! It’s okay… 😊
        Wow, you’re super busy! (Same here…) I’ve been on and off to blogging, but I’m trying to catch up. ☺
        I see you’re working on a new video huh! Goodluck! I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

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    1. Indeed!

      Greetings from Singapore to where you and your hubby are right now hah!

      I’ll check in with your blog soon yeah? Hope your new year has been great to you guys!

      Travel safe you guys 🙂

      Your pal,


      1. Ooh that’s sweet. Perhaps someone is trying to tell you to be more responsible as well? 😄

        Do you have pictures??

        I have pictures of Afro in my instagram which is also on my blog as well. He looks kinda like a fox when his fur is long!

        Your pal,


      2. I’m just saying it as a joke. There are stories that I’ve heard that goes something like this:

        Jack is irresponsible, so let’s give him a kid to look after and let him learn the concept of responsibility.

        If anything were to happen to the kid, worst thing will happen to Jack.

        Just a joke, or metaphor.

        Your pal,


      3. Lol naturally. Like I’ve said, it was just a joke and now you’ve got a new absurd story to share with your friends as well, no? 😄

        All is well. Little bud was given to you with love and I can tell, you’re gonna take good care of him from the way you respond. Much love in animals can be seen in your respond, which is just beautiful.

        As I came to learn today, beautiful personality will likely mean beautiful behavior, outlook in things as well as people and hence, a beautiful life.

        At least it’s a way of attaining a beautiful life hah!

        Cheers for the responses 😉

        Your pal,


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