If man seek…

If man seeks water, he will find water. If man seeks nothing, he finds nothing.
– Benjamin Ngiam

Self quote? What? Lol so I was responding to a comment by Max (Of Motivationblog) and I came up with this line and thought it’s pretty insightful.

You might be thinking “Wow- Ain’t this guy Narcissistic?”

Honestly, I don’t care- My goal is to bring positive change, not care about what people think of me lol. Besides, if I’m doing things right, I’m bound to offend someone anyways.

As a great wise man, Winston Churchill, once said:

winston-churchill[Image taken from doncharisma.org]

Of course, some great minds of the past (Probably Confucius) may have said something along this line before I did today but hey, there IS still a chance (0.01%?) that I’m the FIRST to come up with this, no? 😉

Talk to you again soon bud. Till then, be brave, stay chirpy.


Your pal,

[Today’s featured image is by: Piyaphon Phemtaweepon]

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