Review of My 2016

Following one of my best friend, Jeryl (Check out our new joint project HERE), I’m going to write a review of my previous year; and lay out the goals for this year which I will fulfill.

Review 2016

I set out to do A LOT of things in the year 2016. I quit my full-time job around the 3rd/4th quarter 2016 to continue my studies and chase my dreams. Naturally, I faced lots of setbacks and fortunately, I’ve managed to overcome these obstacles with help from family and friends. I’ve also made some new friends and enemies along the way too. But all is good.

Some goals were met, some were not. One of the key things I’ve gained though, was the priority and focus of what I really want in life. I’ve tried SO MANY things (In my opinion anyway) that I am able to finally narrow down to exactly what it is that I really want to do in life. I will talk about that in the next post.

For now, what I consciously remember accomplishing:

All these ain’t exactly huge to most people but to me, they ARE since it’s all part of my transition into (Hopefully) an influential individual who can bring about more positive change to the world somehow. If you’re new here and have no idea what PBIY is all about? Check out our mission HERE.

I will conclude my review of 2016 with this:

No matter how things may have ended, I am super grateful to have my parents’ support in me chasing this dream of mine as well as my circle of close friends who’ve always been there for me through all the BS I had to go through and I thank you guys for sharing these BS load with me hahaha.

To these close friends, we may have been born under different parents but our bonds are that of blood. To you, Jeryl and Jeevan, I’m sorry but you have been chosen by god to be with me for more years of BS hahahah! You guys are fantabulous.

Alright goals for 2017 will be up next.

As you can see, I have done SO MANY things in 2016. I may have learned and created A LOT but the down side to it all, I couldn’t focus and had no time to see many things done RIGHT.

As they say: “Jack of all Trades, Master of none”.
Personally, I think it’s best to be a master in something rather than nothing.

Thus, in 2017, my focus will be more streamlined. I expect to be producing MORE by doing LESSER.

By doing a review of the last year, I’ve gained some insights into myself and I suggest that you try it as well. You might just learn something about yourself too 😉

If you do make one? Share it in the comments or if you have a blog and have made a post about it? Leave a link for us!

Talk to you again soon bud, till then, be brave and stay chirpy.


Your pal,

[Today’s featured image is by: Tom Jutte. It’s a pic taken in The Netherlands, which holds a special place in my heart 😉 ]

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