So I bought this by accident…

It’s a long story but to keep it short, I bought some stuff and didn’t realize this was in the cart and voila- I spent more than I intended to. So what exactly did I get myself into?

Learn Japanese To Survive! Hiragana Battle
 (Via Steam)

It’s a JRPG style game that teaches you Japanese by forcing you to learn it in order to kill the Hiragana monsters (Japanese words area the enemies here, how cool is that lol!) and even though it was an accidental purchase?

This game is surprisingly fun! I actually found myself learning Japanese for about an hour while playing it too. I was seriously playing a game and learning at the same time, holy crap! Not too bad for an accidental purchase huh?

Guess it’s time to add a new goal into my 2017 To-do List hah! I will be sharing this with you in the near future.

If you are keen to learn Japanese and are a fan of video games, especially the retro style JRPG like the old Final Fantasy? You owe it to yourself to buy this game/language learning tool.

I actually just ended my first hour session and thought hey, this game is so well done that I should share my experience with you guys cause some of you might be thinking about learning Japanese and if I sort of picked it up by accident, how would you guys do if you actually want to learn Japanese? Probably better than how I’m doing lol!

Okay, as this is an impromptu post, I’ll let you know that I actually got a scheduled post coming up in about 2 hours so if you’re still gonna be sticking around, I will talk to you again later.

The upcoming post is going to be my review of 2016 for me, it’s a little late for that, yeah but- What the hey.

Stick around and who knows, you might just learn something about yourself from my personal 2016 review. Alright, talk later, ciao!

Your pal,

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