Will Smith – Face Your Fears

Saw this video a few days ago. Had to share it. Gotta go to sleep in a bit so I’m just gonna leave this here. If fear is controlling you in your life right now, watch this video cause it might help pull you back on track towards achieving your goal!

Your pal,

11 thoughts on “Will Smith – Face Your Fears

  1. What I imagined when Will Smith was describing this [his] experience was that a person might spend all night tossing and turning, possibly getting little or no sleep terrified over an event that will only take minutes to experience in real-time. Then I giggled!!!

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  2. This was so simple but so uplifting, thank you for sharing…I’ve seen your feedback in the community pool and would value if you had a free minute to glance at my posts.

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    1. Hey Tatianna, my pleasure and nice to meet you!

      I just looked around your blog and first think I noted was your blog’s name.

      Just a thought- you might want to consider changing it cause you’d likely still be blogging after the age of 20 lol!

      However, that name could also act as a mark for when you first started the blog, at the age of 20. I guess it’ll all depend on how you look at it eh?

      Now, blog looks super clean and organized, good for visitor’s experience. Sweet.

      Take note that one of your categories is called “Uncategorized” which is a default WP thing and that kinda kills the look for obvious reasons. It just look out of place.

      My advice is to either rename that category or delete it.
      Renaming would be most ideal because you’ve already got some blog post linked to “Uncategorized” so rename it into something else that is related to those posts. However, if the current linked posts are also linked to other categories?
      Deleting “Uncategorized” would be fine as nothing would be affected.

      Something else which might help make things more organized. Create “Blog” category in the menu.
      I was looking for it to find a “Catalogue” of your blog posts but couldn’t find it so had to look at the “Recent Posts” section for them.
      An issue here is that this column has limited space. Once the space is all taken up, your older posts would be unaccessible to readers.

      To rectify this, just add a “Blog” in the menu and people can access all of your posts.

      Additionally, if you want to allow ease of access to your older posts for future readers, add an archive section, it automatically organize your posts into a yearly archive and people can go through them easily. Especially if your new readers want to check out your first ever posts in future!

      Moving on, images are nicely utilized and writing gets the message across. Awesome. Loving the personality. All these helps immerse readers into your story.

      There’s one more thing which I’d like to point out on but I’ll leave it for now since I’ve already pointed out a number of things for you to take note of. Don’t want to overwhelm you lol.

      Do you understand all that I’ve written so far? Naturally, if you have any questions, do ask!

      Your pal,

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      1. Okay so I added a “Blog Posts” tab on the menu & got rid of the “uncategorized” button. I also changed my domain name, because I agree. I chose that initial name in a rush to get the blog set up lol. Feel free to tell me your last pinpoint on how I can improve the blog! You’ve been very helpful!

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      2. Yup, it’s essentially sharing/posting someone else’s post on your blog much like how Facebook’s share button!

        Reblogging other people’s content can be beneficial for yourself and the other content creator. If you do plan to reblog a lot, I suggest creating a menu/category just for reblogging so that it won’t be mixed in with your own blog posts.

        How are you finding your blogging journey so far?

        Your pal,


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