iStory Time! Episode #3 coming up next!

As mentioned in the previous Community Pool Livestream, I will be putting up new videos again and hence, this update 🙂

It’s been awhile but finally, I’ve got time and the series is going to continue! Super excited for it and hope you guys will enjoy it too!

Video will be up on Friday/Saturday morning (depending on your Time Zone) and if you haven’t checked out our other videos yet, feel free to do so below! Click the highlighted words to watch!

Know how Fear works? There’s more to it than you think!
You’ll NEVER guess this about FEAR!

Or perhaps you wanna check out the previous episode before Episode 3?
iStory Time! EPI #02 – A Simple Wave

Till the next post, I will talk to you guys again soon. Stay chirpy 😉

Your pal,

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