Sometimes….. A DIARY

A Living Diary, now how about that? Sounds like a good movie plot but it makes an even better life companion XD
Great post here!

Note to author:
Couldn’t find your name/alias anywhere so I’m just gonna call you “Hope” since you’re obviously driven to bring hope to people. Beautiful. You don’t mind that, do you? XD

What Living Taught Me

I will try to explain a subtle feeling here. It is a feeling that can be easily felt when you have been with a person for a long time and deeply when that person means a lot to you…..


How could a living being become a Diary?!It is possible.

(Imagine or relate) You have a person in your life; this person is really close to you and you love hearing him. He tells you everything:feelings, wishes, thoughts, rants..etc. You involve yourself in his life; you very well know his likes/dislikes and its very easy for you to relate things with his happenings. Since, you involved yourself wholeheartedly in his life: you didn’t realize that even you need to be heard, that even you need to pour out your feelings sometimes; that even you need to be understood by your single gaze and to be known to that person as…

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