A picture says a thousand words…..do you know his story?

I love this story. I need to share it. Reblogging lol!

Honest Words

First off, let me say not all of my pieces will be like this one. This piece is a story of hope, kindness and love. This story is lighthearted and shows strength that we all could learn from. Also, might I add, I am a closet cat lady but I do not shout it from the rooftops. This is a story about Bowie.
Bowie tumbled into our lives last July. A post was uploaded to the local Notice Board on social media of this tiny, white neglected kitten, covered in cuts and marks that was found in a ditch. I thought, we shouldnt get a cat, its a bad idea, we dont have time. Then I saw his eyes. One eye, a sky blue and the other a deep emerald. I thought who could love him more than us, who could help nurse him back to health.
We decided to…

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