WP Community Pool Blog Review #5 Live Stream!

Hey friends! I am currently doing Blog Reviews LIVE via live stream on YouTube for the next hour or two!

How to Participate:
– Leave your blog link in this posts’ comment section for everyone to review
(I will get to them as well!)

– Review other bloggers’ work

– Join the chat in the livestream!

I have some activities planned for this stream, perhaps a mini-gaming session for a short break from reviewing? We’ll see how things go with everyone lol!

See you in the stream!


10 thoughts on “WP Community Pool Blog Review #5 Live Stream!

    1. Ooooh thanks, Hope! I will look into that later. Gonna go chill and maybe have lunch for a bit first XD

      Really, thank you for this link! Wow I think it will seriously help bring us more people in future sessions :O

      Would love to have you around for sure! Hey have you joined our Facebook group btw? I don’t think I see you there yet. Do consider joining so that we can send positive vibes to each other much more easily.

      No obligations, of course!


      Your pal,

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  1. Wow, I saw your comment on someone else’s blog in the community pool and was very impressed. You were incredibly thorough, extremely helpful, and overall, I really love what you are doing here. Feel free to check out my blog as well 🙂

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    1. Hahaha thanks for this epic comment Lyvly!

      I got to go settle some task in hand for now and I will get to your blog review later when I’m done 😉

      For now, if you are interested, do feel free to check out my latest post on a guide for gaining traffic/readership!


      I will talk to you soon. Stay chirpy bud!

      Your pal,

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    2. Just checked out your blog Lyvly!

      Here are my thoughts.

      Aesthetics wise your blog actually looks really good. It’s clean, super easy on the eyes and people wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the information being displayed because of that. Fantastic.

      I’ve noticed a few things bugging me though, which might pose some issue.
      First, a missing “About” page.

      I’m not sure which review you saw, that I did for another blogger but did I mention anything about the importance of the “About” page in that one?
      If I did in that review, do use that knowledge for your blog as well.

      You’ve got quite a number of stuff going on here and I had quite a hard time figuring out what this blog is all about until I’ve checked out a number of posts. Even then, I’m still not very sure, to be honest.

      Writing is pretty well done too btw. No issues here. Honestly, your contents are good but I did feel that some of them felt incomplete.

      Now I will just be straight honest with you, I hope you don’t take offend or anything cause I want to help you make your blog and content better for you and your readers.

      That said- Tough love time.

      One that really stood out for me is the one with the Knots.

      It’s a great article about the types of knots to use for a specific purpose but the fact that you did not include pictures/GIFS for illustration or even giving instruction-

      It made the post seem incomplete and I’ll be frank, it kinda sent me (Likely other readers too) the message that you knew it lacked them but chose to not add them and that just conveys laziness.

      I’m a casual reader and don’t know anything about knots. I come here, sees a post that sends me the message that I can learn a lot about it if I click on it
      so I clicked on it expecting to learn a lot about knots.

      Since it’s talking about the different types of knots, I expected to learn how to tie the knots, as well as how to differentiate them apart.
      Notice that I’m a casual reader. Experts might already know it all so chances are, they might not even be interested in this part.

      This means that this post is written for “Newbies” or people who has no idea on what the different types of knots are and wanna know.

      The issue- it doesn’t really teach much aside from telling us the name and it’s purpose.

      You can tell me the names but I wouldn’t have learned much if I can’t see and apply it in real life. You know what I’m saying here?

      Imagine if I read a recipe book, it shows the name and description but has no ingredients list, no pictures, no instructions-
      I would have no idea what I’m doing if I were to really try my hands on cooking let’s say a “Russian Omelette”. Not sure if it’s a real name of a dish but just saying XD

      My point, for this post that’s cited, I really appreciate the effort to teach about the knots but I can’t help but feel the execution for this one was not done right.

      Can’t really remember if there are other posts that felt incomplete but if there are, no worries as they are nothing as “Content breaking” as this one (To me anyway lol).

      Just take note of the purpose of your posts and be sure that it achieves it’s purpose.

      When I look at your posts like the Wakeboard tutorial, bouldering and the punching one- It’s so detailed! So meticulously written, especially the wakeboarding one! It’s so well done!

      The purpose in those posts were to teach and guess what? They taught me or at least, gave me an idea on how to do it if I were to attempt it.

      That attention to details in those post is truly epic and I (As well as your other readers, I’m sure) thank you for it.

      I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the Knot one lol.

      That said, Your site looks really good and has really great content! It only suffers slightly from a minor issue on content clarity.

      I still don’t really have a solid idea on what your site is about though lol. Would be best to add an “About” page to address that XD

      Hope this helped! If you’ve got questions or anything you’d like to say, whether you agree/disagree do let me know!

      These blog reviews are meant to help everyone grow. You might have insights into things I (Or others) do not and if you share them, you’d be sharing with everyone else too since this will be pasted into the comment section for everyone to read 🙂

      Keep up the good work!

      Your pal,

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      1. Hi Benjamin,

        Thank you so much for your detailed response. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration and add an “about” page. I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. You are doing an amazing job. Keep up it! 🙂

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