WPCP Blog Review #5 Livestream! [END]

Livestream #5 just ended! Big thanks to everyone who joined me today 🙂

I will be looking to do more reviews (Non-streaming, for reasons I talked about before I stopped the stream) later so if you want me to review your blog as well just let me know!

Aside from reviewing blogs in the first half of today’s stream, we also played games together in the second half before ending the stream lol it was fun!
If you are curious to know what we did earlier, check out WPCP Blog Review #5 Live stream!

Feel free to skip on till the ending region if you just wanna watch us play games together via live stream XD

Till the next time, I hope you all stay chirpy. Ciao!

Your pal,

2 thoughts on “WPCP Blog Review #5 Livestream! [END]

    1. Hey Jason!

      I will gladly assist you! Always nice to meet new bloggers 😉

      Now, you may be new but your site’s layout looks awesome already and definitely fits your style that I see so far.

      Take note, remove the “First blog post” that’s a default post created by WordPress for you. It’ll make things look more personally you.

      Now, we all started our own blogs for our own reasons. I don’t know what yours is (Do feel free to share though!) but you will want people reading your content and one of the ways to get visitors to actually stay and read your content is to let them know who you are and what your site is about!

      That said, you need to create an “About” page! My advise- Write a new blog post, title “About” and post it.

      Go to customize and then menu, add your “About” blog post into your menu.
      Menu is the part of your site that says
      “Home| About | Blog | Contact”

      This is crucial because new visitors usually head on over to find out who the author is first before deciding if they want to dive further into more their work.

      If you can, remove the social media link “Facebook, Twitter, Github & etc” if you don’t use them. They only contribute to making your site feeling messier.

      Your blog is like your home. Visitors are guests. You want your visitors to feel welcome and have a pleasant experience 🙂

      Usually, a clean blog gives the best experience due to the ease of access/navigation and lesser strain on the eyes.

      As a new blog, focus on your site’s appeal & content. In time, you will have your own following for sure 😉

      If you’ve got questions, do feel free to ask bud! Hope that added some value into your blogging life. I have a good feeling about your blog 🙂

      If you want a more specific guide to getting traffic, here’s a post that I’ve just written, which could help!

      Your pal,

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