Inspiration Story Time #5 + Blog Updates

Next iStory Time will be up in 12 hours! Stay tuned 😉

In the mean time, here’s an update to everyone on what’s going to happen in the coming week.

I will be shifting home tomorrow and depending on how fast we’d be able to move everything, my time spent on blog reviews and video producing might get affected.

During this time, just to let you guys know, on the chance where I can’t be on much, record nor edit anything? I will still be working on some new video concepts to contents which can help bring more value to your life 🙂

Already got some written down already so look forward to it!

I might make a vlog for a day in the shifting too lol we’ll see.

Okay, that will be all for now, I will talk to you guys again tomorrow.
Till then, stay chirpy friends 😉

Your pal,

P.S. Missed the previous episode of iStory Time? click here to catch it!

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