One hundred and seventy


The other the day I was scrolling through my Facebook, like everyone does when your trying to pass the time and I came across an article that I had seen before. It was about the lastest ‘skinny enough’ craze where girls are seeing if their legs are skinnier than an Iphone 6.

These sort of things piss me off big time! Some people may say that being a size 8/10 myself, I have no right to talk about body issues, but my legs would never in a million years fit behind an Iphone 6, and why would I want them to?
The main problem I had with this article was that it kept repeating ‘skinny enough’. ‘Are you skinny ENOUGH to fit behind a phone’.

Skinny ENOUGH?
Skinny enough for what.

Who has the right to determine whether someone is skinny enough, why…

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    1. Looks great Hannah! Glad to have been of assist 🙂

      Remember though, it’s your blog so adjust as you see fit yeah? As long as you like the design and know that it works, it will be epic!

      Your pal,

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