Thoughts on Competing

We all have this fear at some level within us. Good read!

Duly Noted

I had a conversation with my friend Sam about why I chose to participate in a recent kickboxing demonstration at my gym, Total Martial Arts Center. I was setting down my gear bag in the locker room where I confided that I was extremely nervous about stepping in the ring again, so he simply asked me:

“So why do you do it?”

I had tried to answer that question myself, but when you ask yourself questions, you can often procrastinate giving an honest answer or distract yourself by checking your phone. It was a difficult question to answer because 1. I didn’t know. 2. Sam put me on the spot, and 3. My phone was in my bag.

It’s an incredibly valid question that can really set your mind off in Runaway Train Mode. We all know it: The mode that tends to kick in when you go to bed…

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