WP Community Pool Blog Review #6 Live Stream!

Hey friends! I am currently doing Blog Reviews LIVE via live stream on YouTube for the next hour or two!

How to Participate:
– Leave your blog link in this posts’ comment section for everyone to review
(I will get to them as well!)

– Review other bloggers’ work

– Join the chat in the livestream!

I have some activities planned for this stream, perhaps a mini-gaming session for a short break from reviewing? We’ll see how things go with everyone lol!

See you in the stream!


24 thoughts on “WP Community Pool Blog Review #6 Live Stream!

    1. Don’t worry about it! If you still wanna check it out, the stream is saved on my YouTube channel and you can view it anytime 🙂

      Though you’ll have to scroll till the point where I reviewed your blog, which I’m not exactly sure what timer it’ll be at hahah!

      Your pal,


      1. Hey Sagrika!

        I just did and I truly love your style and sharing of experiences! I’m really curious about who you are as a person but when I try to seek out an “About” page, it couldn’t be found. Is it just me or does your blog not have any?

        Also, a menu- I don’t see it as well. Are these intentionally left out or?

        Your pal,

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    1. Hey Durgesh!

      First, welcome to the blogosphere 😉
      I will do my best to assist you!

      If you are a first time blogger, you are doing really good so far so well done!

      Now, the thing I noticed first was the “Text widget” thingy on the right side of the blog. I strongly recommend you to either remove it, or replace it as soon as possible.

      Why? It actually makes your blog look less complete and it might affect the experience for your readers.

      I also noticed there not being an “About” page, which is something I always tell bloggers to take note of.
      The reason to that is very simple. That is usually the first page newcomers would automatically float to XD

      If that’s the case, why not dedicate a page entirely for them new readers, eh? Make them feel welcome and feel like home.

      But most importantly, let them get a feel and understanding of who you are and what your blog is about. That is what’s crucial about that page.

      Aside from those 2 things that I feel requires attention to “Fix”, everything else actually looks really good!

      You are using images to illustrate things better, which isn’t something most beginners would know how to do so well done there.

      Couple that with good writing? It immerses your audience so keep that up.

      I just noted that you do not have a “Menu” bar so you might want to look into adding it as well for the sake of easy navigation across your blog. What they are is basically the “Home | About | Blog”
      Menu bar that you see in websites.

      Just a side note- the menu will differ depending on the themes so don’t expect to see a bar if the theme you selected actually organizes “Menu” in some other form such as a “Click down menu” or other forms.

      Ultimately, I really love what you are doing here!

      You’re trying to spread positivity and I really LOVE and RESPECT that! Truth be told, I do feel that this world reeks of negativity and I’d love to keep in touch with ya so that we can rally up together with other positive ppl we meet in our lives to help spread even more positivity XD

      Anywho- followed you already and I’d definitely love to see you around more. Keep up the good work, eh?

      I’m expecting great things from ya 😉

      Hope this helped and if you’ve got questions? Do feel free to ask!

      Your pal,


      1. Ohhh what a great ideas you shared. This would help me a lot.

        Actually I am a Self-development trainer, direct seller.

        Started my life journey as a middle class guy. Now I am a Millionaire. My passion is Training and Writing.

        Started blogging just a hobby. Few of my friends are in blogging.

        Don’t know much about blogging but know about writing and I just write what I feel.

        I would update my blog as you guided. Keep guiding and inspiring.

        Read you blogs I liked and followed. Your blog will help me. Lets learn and share our best to the world.

        Thanks again

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      2. Ahh that explains why your content is of such level even though you just started the blog. Nice.

        The fact that you are doing all this web development thing by yourself even though you can afford to just hire someone to do it for you says a lot about you too 😉

        I’m guessing your buddies blog about similar topics? Maybe we can all work together somehow 😉

        Likewise for you man! Like I’ve said before, I expect great things from you after reading your content.

        Indeed, let’s shoot a rocket of positivity out to the world hah!

        Most welcome and see you around 😉

        Your pal,


  1. Yes I can hire any expert to do all this but I follow some rules made by me.

    I don’t involve myself in many tasks but where I involve want to put my best.

    I believe that whether I am not technically perfect but First I want to connect with people with my own written and designed blogs. Let me learn ABC first.

    I trust own written words connect with people😊

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    1. Aye indeed and I’m glad you think that way, otherwise, we wouldn’t have truly met too XD

      Honestly, I’d love to see you continuing with blogging by yourself and not allow anyone to take over in future.

      I mean you’re doing really well already lol and it’s hard to find ppl like you, who cares about others as well and wants to make a positive difference.

      If you hire someone, they might not be as devoted as yourself? Maybe they will be as you’d be the one doing the selection but meh.

      Guess my point is- Hope to see you staying with us and working towards making a difference together for as long as possible? XD

      Either way, you’re definitely doing good with everything so far lol so keep it up 😉

      Your pal,

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