WP Community Pool Blog Review #6 Live Stream!

Hey friends! I am currently doing Blog Reviews LIVE via live stream on YouTube for the next hour or two!

How to Participate:
– Leave your blog link in this posts’ comment section for everyone to review
(I will get to them as well!)

– Review other bloggers’ work

– Join the chat in the livestream!

I have some activities planned for this stream, perhaps a mini-gaming session for a short break from reviewing? We’ll see how things go with everyone lol!

See you in the stream!


14 thoughts on “WP Community Pool Blog Review #6 Live Stream!

    1. Don’t worry about it! If you still wanna check it out, the stream is saved on my YouTube channel and you can view it anytime 🙂

      Though you’ll have to scroll till the point where I reviewed your blog, which I’m not exactly sure what timer it’ll be at hahah!

      Your pal,


      1. Hey Sagrika!

        I just did and I truly love your style and sharing of experiences! I’m really curious about who you are as a person but when I try to seek out an “About” page, it couldn’t be found. Is it just me or does your blog not have any?

        Also, a menu- I don’t see it as well. Are these intentionally left out or?

        Your pal,

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