Let’s murder Calories together!

Let’s murder Calories together!

NOTE: This is not a tutorial. Do your own workout/routine with me 🙂

I workout 4 times a week and today was a rest day for me but I thought it’d be nice to do a “Mini-Workout” so I decided to make a quick video to:

1. Inspire those who don’t exercise to get up and do at least a 20-25 minutes workout with me.

Be it Body Weight exercises only (E.g. Push ups / Sit ups)
or Jogging on the spot / Treadmill in a room.

2. Workout alongside those who DO workout! Though a short one XD

Music by:
Jim Yosef – Firefly [NCS Release]
Jonsi – Around Us (The Chainsmokers Remix)

28 thoughts on “Let’s murder Calories together!

  1. ‘I Love Banana’ – couldn’t help but notice the catchy slogan on your shirt 🙂 :p Great idea for a video, I love working out and enjoy sometimes watching other people’s routines to pick up some moves I haven’t tried yet. But wow do you lift some heavy weights! 😮

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    1. Hahaha that shirt has gotten lots of responses from people, with obvious reasons 😛

      Thanks! I just randomly thought of making it for that day lol. No idea if I’m gonna be doing more but maybe I will, to feature different songs for workout as well as pushing each other to the limits eh?

      I do try to become a superhero! XD

      Gotta train to have the strength and power to protect the people around me AND look sexy for my girl 😉

      I have this feeling that actual body builders will find this weight light though hahahah! I shall strive towards becoming like them. But, also gotta remind myself to be wary of injuries. You do take care while working out too!

      Curious question, Kat- Did this video work for you in allowing you to have sort of a “workout buddy”?

      Your pal,

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      1. We have very different workouts but yes. I like the music and (don’t take this the wrong way) but seeing someone else getting tired and basically not being perfect like people on fitness videos look (they always look perfect like they don’t even sweat much) does feel like having a friend do a workout and would probably appeal to those who aren’t used to exercising much. I’m very motivated these days but about six years ago I wasn’t and you vid would have been fun to watch.
        Btw I totally get playing games while working out!! 😀

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      2. Awesome! Hahaha my guess to why those guys are never tired is likely because most of the videos are tutorials-
        And they use lighter weights for proper form guidance!

        No worries, my mind sees what you’re trying to say as clear as bright blue sky 😉

        It’s good to know that the music is workable and it does help provide a “Workout buddy” feel cause it’s exactly my point to this video hah! Thanks for the feedback 😀

        YES! Especially if the games can be set on Auto mode hahaha! What do you play while working out??

        From the sound of it btw, it seems like you’re still on a roll- Don’t stop! 😉

        Your pal,

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      3. Lol I go through a range of games. I start off with a gentle workout like using the exercise bike before working up to something more intense. As for the games I play, anything I feel like (actually played a wii racing game no the bike more than once lol) But I’m weird because I’m one of those people who love video game music and sometimes just play that instead of other music to work out too! 😀 lol

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      4. Mortal Kombat? 🙂 I guess my own fandom about a certain game’s gonna come out now as I only listen to Sonic the hedgehog tracks! The modern games have some really great music, lots of base and a good beat….I’m a total Sonic geek! 😀
        Hmmm wii games? You’d be surprised, I found wii fit ummm a good place to start (it got me into exercising in the first place so does have benefit) but not really workout material. I did get a wii game (forgot the name) which is an intense workout video program…Sounds boring but the exercise were intense lol. I don’t so much play a specific game that gives me a workout though as much as do the bike or running on the spot or other things while playing wii games. Kinda into Mario and Sonic Olympic games at the moment….(Sonic geek! 😛 )

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      5. Hahaha really in love with the classics eh? XD

        I love how people & technology made it possible to see workouts/exercises as a game instead of a chore. It’s just so effective, right? XD

        Now you got me curious- How did you ended up buying a Wii?? Was it like a challenge by a friend or perhaps yourself??

        Your pal,

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      6. I have a mega drive with Sonic games on it…Sonic fan girl me :p !!
        I got a wii for two reasons…1, I was curious about the ‘active’ games and the whole wii concept was new and exciting as nobody had done such a console before. 2, Tehre were too many Sonic exclusives on it that I couldn’t stand not getting it 😀 haha!
        Do you have any games or series you’re a fan of?

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      7. Hahah no wonder XD
        Well I guess final fantasy is one but not all of them though. I like 4,7,8,9,10,10-2 and 15 cause of the characters and story 🙂

        Metal gear series is complicated but I got into it when I was in the army cause it related to me so much hahaha. Ah I used to play so many games XD

        Not sure if you’ve heard of “Shadow of the Colossus”. It’s another beautiful game that’s very unique where a guy goes off on a journey to slay 16 colossi (Giants) to save his lover, who was sacrificed for some ritual.

        It’s a very unique experience as you go through the world alone with your trusty steed “Agro” always by your side. You just fight 1 colossus at a time. All boss battles, no minions. Each time you kill them, you’d notice something is happening to Wander (The guy). He gets stronger but his appearance starts to change. The colossi, some of them, would even make you question your actions on whether to kill them as they do attack you until provoked.

        According to the ancient (godly? Think he/she is called dormid) being, all 16 has to be slain in order to save the girl and bring her back to life so you gotta do what you gotta do. For love aww XD

        If it sounds interesting to you, do check it out! Pretty sure you’d love it 🙂
        The same team published their latest title “the last guardian” as well- the game that fans of the SoTc / Ico (story sequel to SoTc) series has been waiting for many years lol, one which you might’ve heard of.

        I’m gonna stop here before I start recalling all the games that I’ve played hahaha I already got quite a few coming into mind already!

        Btw, I’ve always wondered… Does sonic have a gf? XD

        Your pal,

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      8. Haha nothing wrong with talking games with me, I’ve got my own collection on various consoles and PC thats sitting in several boxes there’s that many!! Thanks for the recommendations I’ll check them out. Odd but I never played Final Fantasy before but I do want to get into it. Can you pick it up with any game or do I have to start at the beginning? :/

        My new love beyond Sonic games is Neverwinter Nights. Heard of it? It’s a PC game but I even bought the soundtrack I love it so much lol! Can’t believe I bought that on sale for less than a £!!

        Sonic’s girlfriend is Amy Rose a pink hedgehog, at least she thinks she’s his girlfriend. He just finds her annoying lol :p. Probably as annoying as I’d be talking about Sonic all day haha!!!

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      9. Nicee. Collector eh? XD

        Well I started in this order of 7,8,9,10,10-2 etc before heading backwards to 4, so I recommend going with 7 first.
        That way, you’ll gradually see improved graphics as well as you go onto the next story hahahah but do note that the stories aren’t related. Each FF is of its own tale and cast of characters and considering how story and characters have always been strong points of the series, you won’t be let down.

        There are fan service games where they put all the series characters together though, such as FF Dissidia or even kingdom hearts where they put Disney+FF! Imagine Donald Duck and goofy fighting characters from FF. Yup XD

        Oh my such superb deal, lucky you :-O
        Aw that is just adorable hahah that is what happens when you are really into something XD

        Sonic has really been a huge part of your life huh? You watch the cartoon as well or don’t think it does the series justice?

        As you know, some media (unfortunately) doesn’t do justice to their original source and that is just heart breaking XD

        Your pal,

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      10. What kind of media are you thinking about. I remember people complaining in this country about the Super Mario movie that once came out, flopped big time in the cinema! 😛
        Lol,I did find the Sonic cartoons weird. I watched some of them after playing the games and it just didn’t seem to appeal to me. It didn’t stop me buying 3 box sets all these years later though (actually I got them only because they were on sale :p )! I actually wish I could see the recent Sonic cartoons of modern Sonic, there’s one out now called Sonic boom and Sonic X aired a few years back but sadly there’s no UK release and even if I was crazy enough to import a game from America, they’re sold for something like $160 which I’m not paying for something which might end up being terrible….I’m a fan of the videogames more than any other format.
        Look at this, clogging up your blog feed with talk of Sonic the Hedgehog…people reading this are going to wonder how ‘Let’s Murder Calories’ turned into Sonic lol!! I have other likes apart from Sonic btw, it’s not like it’s on my mind 24/7 😛 😀

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      11. I’m thinking like almost all of the movie licensed games (Mario included!) that got rushed out to be released alongside the movie, horrible decision imo, to rush out games that feels incomplete just to meet a deadline, ruining reputations of game developers as well as the license -_-

        But I can’t say all of the movie licensed games are bad cause there are some that are actually good like X-Men Origins Wolverine, fortunately XD

        I’m starting to wonder if you have plushies and other merchandizes of Sonic the Hedgehog hahaha perhaps we shall continue our chat in Facebook or something eh? XD

        Perhaps we can play something together at times as well and make a video series for my YouTube channel XD

        Your pal,

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      12. That would be fun one day! Not sure how much fun for people watching though 😮

        Yep I’ve noticed some games developers (especially EA) love to rush games and have them incomplete and full of bugs. A lot of them are still not fixed to this day 😦

        As for Sonic merchandise, I did try to collect stuff but I wasn’t a crazy collector or anything, preferred to have the games than anything else. Although I do have some Sonic wrapping paper and one plushie I got just a few years back of Knuckles (the rest were sold out 😮 ) A long time ago I even got some Sonic shampoo bottles but I lost them when moving house :p lol!!

        Do you collect any merchandise of some kind? I feel kinda daft now telling you all that I collected :p

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      13. Hahaha it’s true! Lots of buggy mess. I still remember the battlefield 3 / 4 release and ppl were like crashing all over the place.
        Look at the recent Mass Effect + Star Wars Battlefront EA and you’ll know, many fans got their heart broken hahah. Hopefully things change eh? Fingers crossed for battlefront 2 EA!

        You are indeed a mega fan hahaha even shampoo? XD

        I do collect lots of stuff from an anime called “Home tutor Hitman Reborn”/ “Katekyo Hitman Reborn”.
        Have you heard of it? It’s about a baby hitman (there’s a story to why the baby is a hitman lol) mentoring a good for nothing loser- all because the “loser” is supposed to be the next Mafia boss lol. Very interesting story and super funny on how things turn out XD
        The lessons that I learned from the series though- just amazing. I can relate to the main character because he reminds me so much of myself- like how I turned from a socially awkward person to someone who can make a difference? It’s the same for him and that’s why I love it so much. I see myself in him and his friends, some are quite similar to the close circle that I have as well, which I thought is pretty cool hahahah!

        Oh and the stuff I collect are actually replicas of the items used by the characters in the show like the rings for the different family members and the baby pacifiers, which is weird if you don’t know the show hahaha!

        You can try watching it if you haven’t seen it. You might actually love it too :3

        Your pal,

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      14. I haven’t heard of it before but it sounds interesting and a bit weird, lol, I’ll have to check it out see if it’s possible to see it. I only got into anime a few years ago, haven’t seen as much as I’d like but I love every one I see. Arguably better than western animations 🙂
        Your collection might sound weird but I collected shampoo bottles so who am I to say anything? 😛 , plus I’d collect every little item from sonic if they sold little stuff from the game. If somebody sold the checkered grass from the game I’d probably buy it 😛 !!
        ps sorry for the late reply, I’m a bit on/off at the moment but I will catch up with your blog, I love watching your videos, inspirational and funny too (in a good way, you make people smile). 🙂

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      15. Hahahha I totally understand what you mean with the collection of every little items of a franchise! We just can’t have enough of them eh?

        Don’t worry about the responding time bud, we are all busy people. I just finished my army reservice as well so I hardly have time of my own to do much till today. More epic videos are gonna be coming up! WOOO!

        Anywho, here’s the latest one if you are interested to watch. Hope it makes you laugh hahaha! Just a warning, it’s gonna be super different from what I’ve been doing XD

        Your pal,

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      16. Bahaha glad you found it funny XD

        Gotta say though, the actual channel direction is actually less crazy than the initial vid LOL but I believe it’s still good and will get even better with time 🙂

        Tune in when you have the time and you’ll know what I mean! I think it’s already apparent in the latest video on hobbies which I’ll link to below if you wanna see what I meant hehe.

        Indeed, I lost the battle to the dark side and might’ve even become one of them myself :-O

        I do miss it a little XD
        But it’s less of a hassle to maintain so that’s not exactly bad lol! The breeze too, ahhh I can feel it so much better now XD

        Do you perhaps have any video ideas you’d like to share and maybe work on a possible collaboration? 😉

        Link to vid mentioned:

        Your pal,


      17. Lol, Maybe only a handful of people would actually be interested in that video though! 🙂 I’d definitely love to do videos in the future maybe, I have done a lot of filming in the past, pretended to be a presenter and actress – I would NEVER publicly show those videos though!!! 😮 Seriously though, I’d need to get a new camera if I was to do videos. the last camera I had the light died and it’s not really working anymore. I have an old analogue (tapes not digital) camera though – even an old kids one that came in black and white once upon a time! , but that’s a nightmare to work with these days :p lol
        What camera do you use for your videos?

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      18. Hahaha handful but those would be quite the passionate few. They’d also be as crazy about them as you are or perhaps even more so XD

        Why not show us hehehe what did you do in them? Hmm…

        Well as long as it works, especially the sound- it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Sound quality is actually more important than video.

        Nobody wants to watch a HD video where they keep hearing clicking sound every 5 seconds. Ppl wouldn’t mind sitting through a decent video quality with decent sound quality if the content is good though so if you do plan to do videos? Keep that in mind 😉

        I used an iPad Pro 9.7″ for MvS. As for the latest video, it was shot with canon vixia something, one of the older models which has already been discontinued. Quality is still good though! I’ll see to finding the model and maybe link it in my video as well later or maybe in my next video since I’ll also be using that.

        Just an additional FYI- Audio wise, during indoor scenes, I use a USB audio technica condenser microphone. Gotta find the model as well lol can’t remember it too. Meh I’ll just link it all in my videos then, should make things easier for you 😉

        I’ve already given you the latest video link in another comment, you can check the equipment quality out and judge it for yourself. I think it’s a good rig set for us new content creators.

        However, honestly though, you can just shoot it with an iPhone or iPad these days lol. I started out with them in the past and it worked just fine until I decided to up my game as I got more serious into things.

        Usually, equipments or the lack of, are just excuses to not get started so if you do plan to start, just know that a “good” recording rig is not entirely necessary 😉

        Your pal,


      19. Hey Cat, here’s the link to the gear I used.

        Camera- Canon VIXIA HF R500 (Discontinued model)

        But here’s a link to newer model which costs about $100 more-
        Canon VIXIA HF R800 A KIT

        Microphone- Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser

        Just letting you know, aside from the first link, if you use any of the short links to make purchases, I’ll be able to earn some commission form it so if you do buy anything with the short links, let me know so that I can personally thank you for your support :3

        That said- please don’t feel obliged to buy hahaha! I’m just being transparent with you on the link thing 😉

        Your pal,


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